Photo Courtesy CNN
Photo Courtesy CNN

Trude Lamb, an incoming high school sophomore, has won countless medals for her school’s cross country team. But with each victory and celebratory picture, she is painfully reminded of the name that runs across her chest — Robert E. Lee.

Now, she’s saying no more and is demanding change.
In a recent letter to the school board, Lamb wrote that she would no longer wear the school’s jersey, which is emblazoned with “Tyler Lee.” Tyler stands for the Tyler Independent School District located in the city of Tyler, Texas, and Lee stands for the school’s name, Robert E. Lee High School.
Sure, Tyler Lee isn’t exactly Lee’s full name, but it’s “still his name,” Lamb said.
“It’s just a shorter version of Robert E. Lee. It still reminds me of who he was,” the 16-year-old told CNN.
Lamb added that Lee is glorified even more in the school’s alma mater, which in part says, “Robert E. Lee we raise our voice in praise of your name. May honor and glory e’er guide you to fame.”
“What has he done for him to be praised like that?” Lamb said of Lee, a Confederate general who owned slaves.
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