by Sac Cultural Hub CEO Pleshette Robertson

This year’s event was just TOTALLY AWESOME…I’m in complete hangover excitement mode with a slumber of JOY and relief from the tremendous day of festivities at the EWOC 2015 Conference – Sat-10/3/15 …First & foremost with highest honors to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who made it all possible and worked thru others to see it followed thru…to God be the Glory!!!

Well folks Judge Lynn Toler came to SacTown and just blew the roof off our EWOC Conference…what a POWERHOUSE of a tiny lady with BIG WORDS in plain language carrying weights of wisdom for us women of color to live by in what we do in business, with our personal finances, in our careers, as a role model and as a parent. Judge Toler’s Keynote Presentation was just AWESOME & so INSPIRING…she is a VERY realistic woman and so personable!

I am shouting thanks and appreciation to a host of folks who worked as a team and supported Sac Hub in its goal to fulfill this year’s EWOC theme on “Empowering Women To Lead” and presenting 17 well-deserving beautiful ladies, our EWOC Honorees-Sindy Ausmer, Tia Patterson, Holly Spells Brown, Dr. Davin E. Brown, Dr. Addie Ellis, Dr. Katrina Jackson, Margaret McDowell Lee, Lauren Lee, Rose Verdun Lyles, Sandra Poole, Dia Poole, Nailah Pope-Harden, Madalynn Rucker, Marianna Sousa, Michele Spencer, Gloria Torres, and Melen Vue with the EWOC-Exceptional Woman of Color Excellence Award–…/2015-ewoc-honorees

The Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation presented awards to 2 young women winning $500 in the 2015 Young Exceptional Women of Color (Y-EWOC) Scholarship Competition: Jessica Johal (Junior at Florin High School in Sacramento) & Raffaella Carrillo Gomez (Sophomore at Inderkum High School in Sacramento).

Our stage presence was just beautiful thanks to Twlia Laster and Mrs. Betty Diggs … the Women To Watch Talk Show Panel was on fire with fantastic and intelligent panelists…Judge Lynn Toler, Pastor-Joy Johnson, Erica Manuel, Anita Ross, & Miz Deb Wells–so elegant, smart, well-spoken, and very candid with responses hitting home with and resonating with our audience…my daughter Shanaya Monique and dad-Raheem Abdulrahim sat with me up front in the audience and they were so impressed. I so loved what all these exceptional women had to say as they engaged in conversation on this panel.

Co-MCs Petri Pbmaxx Byrd & Lady Charmaine Bassett I salute you for job well done in hosting our program from start to finish…so funny and so in sync with our audience at all times. Co-stage managers Alex Cole andAsia Allen you did a FINE JOB running our stage and our timer Janee Hilton was outstanding in making sure we stayed on time with our script.

MUCH APPRECIATION & THANKS goes out to our Strategic Marketing Director, Ms. Twlia Laster for the diligent work in all that she does every year to coordinate our volunteer escorts (they always show up, lots of them – debonair and dressed nice, ready and willing to be at the service of us women) with the 100 Black Men of Sacramento.

Thank you to the Mr. so cool Michael Blair for ballroom management and hospitality…excellent job as always. To all of our workshop presenters–Jennifer Baker, Dr. Addie Ellis, Shalawn Garcia, Dr. Vera Go, Victor Irving JenkinsChristi H. KetchumLakenya McClough, Dr. Tiffany Mimms–THANK YOU as I heard so many wonderful comments from numerous attendees about your presentations. Hats off to Steve Streeter and all of our security and male escorts for the day.

Thank you Dee Diggs-Arokiasamy of MCE-My Conference Essentials for making us look so polished with welcoming our guest in professional style with the well-organized I-Pad check-in registration. Special thanks toBelcher-Harris Kiki Keadrian for managing and running our Youth/Young Women’s Summit!!

Thank yous in order for our production crew with videographer-Dennis Austin of Souldier Entertainment, DJ/sound-Eric/Djgino Henry, and our photographers, Khiry MalikRayford Johnson, and Shaunda Davis.

THANK YOU to all of the many volunteers who came to prep meetings and sacrificed your time to help with multiple duties at the EWOC Conference-Michele HighlyFavored MitchellCherene BriggsJanee Hilton, Asia Allen, Yolanda HendersonValerie SimmondsSheila Moody Green, Shanall LaRay-Logan Eaddy, Michael Blair, Janee Hilton, Alex Cole.

BIG HUGS to all of our Sac Hub Staff- Twlia Laster, Leatherwood Marketing-Lesley, Miz Blake-Vicki Blakley, Valarie Scruggs, Belcher-Harris Kiki Keadrian, Michael Coleman, & Donna Michele Ramos as they have been and continue to be my BOSSES and an excellent leadership team with helping me to stay on track with proper direction, relentless support, and follow-thru!!! Thanks be to the new and returning support of our corporate sponsors, community partners and table sponsors. THANK YOU to the members of the EWOC Advisory Committee–Michael Blair, Victor Irving Jenkins, Dianna LadyDianna Lovelace, Tammy McNiff, Bonnie Osborn, Lee Perkins, Brenda Vinson-Bufford, Tommie R. Whitlow.

Thank you to all of our wonderful Exhibitors/Vendors for participating in and supporting EWOC 2015.

APPLAUSE for all of our attendees for showing up and showing out…I saw so many pretty faces and folks looking so nice in fancy clothing…we appreciate you supporting EWOC. The ENERGY throughout the conference was EXPLOSIVE and overwhelming. I can’t stop looking at all the posts and photos all over my timeline on Facebook…so FUN to read and see everywhere!

THANK YOU to the staff of the Hilton Sacramento Arden West hotel for all you did to accommodate us … you made us SHINE and made our guests feel so very welcome! The MISSION of & VISION for the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation could not be fulfilled without a team of folks pushing, working, and cheering for our best efforts!!! ‪#‎sachubEWOC2015‬



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