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Founders Message

This issue is dedicated to spotlighting Sacramento’s Exceptional Black Women and our Networking Brunch Conference.  Words cannot express what a JOY it is to showcase these dynamic women in this format.  Sacculturalhub.com and THE HUB Magazine had the pleasure of acknowledging the ladies at Sacramento’s Exceptional Black Women Networking Brunch held on Saturday, September 20.  What an illuminous day, celebrating an “Inspiration of Women WINNING in Life” which was filled with ENERGY, ENERGY, and more ENERGY. 

The day began at 7:45 am with early registration and every minute of the day through 1 pm and spilling over to 2 pm was filled with influence and the power of Black women on the move everywhere. Opening the show was Sac’s very own famous spoken word artist, Terry Moore with an astounding poem--“Exceptional Black Woman”. Keynote speaker Dr. La Donna White (Family Medicine physician and motivational speaker of Angel Doc Speaking Ministry) delivered a powerful and encouraging message of  “YOU are an exceptional woman!” Our MCs, Lady Charmaine (Air Personality and former host of Rejoice 1240 AM) and Neketia Brown (Celebrity Host of Inside Black Sacramento), did an outstanding job of moving the conference from one stage to the next with presenting awards, interviews, and raffle prizes.  The highlight of the morning was the presentation of the “DIVAs Talk Show” panel of guest speakers who spoke directly to our audience in response to several questions that addressed the community, political, personal, and business issues.  The conference room was at this point quiet, attentive with eye-to-eye contact, and applauding the responses from all women on our panel. These women responded with their own personal experiences to each question relating directly to the attendees of the conference.  To experience the power felt in the room is for YOU to have been there in person! The climax of the day took place when each honoree was presented with a crystal award (sponsored by Dr. Ronald Blanchette, D.D.S.) that included the statement of “YOU are an Exceptional Woman!”. From the morning through the afternoon there was an exciting hustle and scurry of 400-500 women moving through conference rooms and the atrium/solarium of the Hilton Hotel to get to several workshops and to shop at the exclusive exhibitors expo.  Did I mention how everyone kept mentioning to me, our staff, and via e-mail how finger lickin’ good the “GRITS” on our menu of the fabulous brunch that was provided by Hilton Hotel.  The networking brunch was on fire with an explosion of great information, resources, good news, energy, and an entire event full of beautiful women and men with an overflow of inspiration for success and taking our dreams to higher heights!  There were men and women in the building everywhere at the Hilton Hotel-Sacramento Arden West.  We also had some very special men at our event who served as wonderful escorts, Will Holly, Kline Moore, Michael Blair, and Brian Steel – for our honorees.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our corporate and community sponsors, contributions to our gift bags, donors of raffle prizes, our vendors, all guest speakers, all of our honorees and all participants for supporting our signature event.  Our workshop presenters included:

  • Kristene Smith (Author/CEO, Kristene Smith Advertising)—“How to Write & Publish Your Book” and “Young Entrepreneurs: How We Become Successful Young Business Women”
  • Jim O'Neal (District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration)—“Basic 101: Starting a New Business”
  • Shelley Seale (Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch)—“Taking Control of Your Finances: What Every Woman Should Know”
  • Janneh C. Frost (Financial Advisor, Norton Mansu, Financial, Tax & Estate Planning)
  • Sofia Sojourner-Nelson (Health Educator, Bay Area Region-California Health Collaborative Cancer Detection Programs)
  • Kali “Toochie” Cuffee (Professional Hairstylist Another Look Beauty Salon and Barbershop)

The DIVAs Talk Show of “Getting to Know Women On The Move” included: Alecia Chasten (Certified Cash Flow Consultant Money Tree Capital Group), Betty Williams (President of Sacramento NAACP), First Lady Brenda Goudeaux (Calvary Christian Center), Dr. Linda Hodo (Principal & Author of Dreams Publications), First Lady Charlene Carthen (BOSS--Bayside of South Sacrament), Adrienne Record, Author and Founder of Celebration of Womanhood, Kristene Smith (Author/CEO, Kristene Smith Advertising), and Kali “Toochie” Cuffee, (Professional Hairstylist Another Look Beauty Salon and Barbershop).  CLICK HERE to see the list of vendors who participated in the brunch conference.

I would like to personally thank Mr. & Mrs. Ed Thompkins of Gene’s Flowers for the lovely corsage carnations presented to our Honorees at the event.  We received wonderful and incredible support from these sponsors:  Allstate, University of Phoenix, Broadway Soul Food, California Black Chamber of Commerce, Girls Gone Diva, Goree & Thompson Real Estate, Greater Sacramento Urban League, California Capital, KCRA 3, Mind Focus, PG&E, Rejoice 1240 AM, Tree of Hope Funding, UC Davis Campus Community Relations, UC Davis Health Systems, and IADT Sacramento.  This issue could not be made possible without the support and commitment of sponsored advertisements submitted by: UC Davis Campus Community Relations, American Heart Association/Mercy Hospital, Nelson’s Books & News, Dr. Phillip Warner, Dr. Nate Allen, University of Phoenix, SMUD, and Allstate.

A special thanks of appreciation to the event staff of Sacculturalhub.com and THE HUB Magazine who played a major and significant role in the coordination, marketing, promotions, and production of the networking brunch event.  Our talented and diligent staff who I want to give special recognition to and acknowledgement include:  Patricia Dawkins of 51 Events, Twlia Laster of Twlia Makes It Happen!, Lesley Leatherwood of Leatherwood Marketing, Tolifer Denise T.E.A.-The Exceptional Assistant Consulting, Event Planning Services, and Eddie Robinson of Sacculturalhub.com.  The founder also gives a gracious thank you to our hard working volunteers that included:  Keadrian Belcher-Harris, Adriane Bethely, Michael Blair, Lynette Broussard, Carla Fleming, Cheryl Franklin, Tiffany Randolph, Rachel Hill, Leigh Jordan, Reanne Jordan, Kimmi Mooney, Ms. Mooney, Vicki Williams, Gustavo Torres and Kevin Bowie.  

The planning for next year’s networking brunch conference (September 2009) is already in the works with new elements of activities.  See all of the beautiful photos of women and men who attended the conference in Sac Hub's Photo Gallery.  E-mail us at contact@sacculturalhub.com to let us know what you would like to see or do at the 2009 Sacramento’s Exceptional Black Women Networking Brunch.

As, we recognized over 45 women this year at the networking brunch, there are a few women that we did not get the chance to interview and the profiles and photos on these women will be included in next year’s special edition issue in October 2009:  Carolyn Galloway, Freda Robinson, La Donna Olden, and Kesha Ward.

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True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson



The August/September 2008 issue of THE HUB Magazine has got the best FALL PREVIEW of what's coming to Sacramento and it gives you the best of photos for where we've been this past summer.  We've been everywhere getting beautiful pictures of men, women and children at the Juneteenth Festival, the 2008 BET Awards in Lost Angeles, the Super Summer Soul Jam at Raley Field in West Sac, Meadowview Jazz Festival in South Sac and at the Berkeley Jazz Festival.

I hope you've got your calendar marked for the Tina Turner concert, the Capital City Football Calssic, Sacramento's Exceptional Black Women Brunch and the 2008 Hub Choice Awards.  If you are new to Sacramento and just picking up The Hub Magazine, you should sign up now to receive our bi-monthly publication so that it comes directly to your mailbox. 

I'm so excited about how Sacramento is exploding with things to do, people to meet and places to go.  Right now I'm deciding if I should begin training for an upcoming Marathon in 2009.  As my celebrity/MC host of "Inside Black Sacramento" is wearing a size 6 dress, I'm aiming to lose at least a dress size by my birthday (October 10) and also lose 30 pounds for the 2008 Hub Choice Awards.  I enjoy jogging at least 1 day a week, but to prepare for this upcoming marathon I'm told that I will need to begin training 2 days a week for 3 hours starting in September (so I'm thinking about it).  The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association presents the "Train to End Stroke"--a amarothon training and fundraising program that helps support vital research, education programs and services to fight stroke, reduce disability and save lives.  Train to End Stroke is a challenge-but you can do it!  You can achieve your full (26 miles) or half (13 miles) marathon goal.  You can join too as the training begins in September.  Contact the Sacramento Chapter located at 2007 0 Strret in Sacramento.  Call (916) 446-6505 or 888-242-5867.  E-mail sac-ttes@heart.org or visit www.ttes.ca.org.  Get Fit. Eat Healthier. Help Others. Join Train to End Stroke. 

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True Blessings,

Pleshette Robertson

If this is your first visit to the website of Sacculturalhub.com WELCOME and we hope that you are also aware of our monthly publication, Sacculturalhub.com Urban Entertainment Newspaper.  June is Black Music Month and our newspaper is loaded with fantastic, in-depth articles, including the feature about local artists who were awarded the winner and finalists of The Hub's Choice of Sacramento's 2007 Black Music Artist of the Year contest.  We are so happy to be in our 5th year of being online and now in our second year of publishing and proud to celebrate Black Music Month with our June 2007 issue.  In addition to the feature article, staff writer Keadrian Belcher-Harris had a chance to interview one of Sacramento's local DJs--DJ Symphony, from Brooklyn, N.Y.--and got the inside scoop that takes more than spinning records to get a party bumpin' and found out what's going on in the life a Sacramento DJ.

I wish to congratulate all preschool, junior high, high school and college graduates.  Education is power, and it's important for all of us to be empowered.

Author Ben Sweetland said, "We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."  Education is the shining light that can illuminate your path, leading you on a journey that can better your opportunities, your means and, in turn, your community.  To secure a stable and lucrative future, including a career that is prosperous and satisfying, it is with education that you can achieve your goals.

I can remember when I participated in the Black Graduation Ceremony at San Jose State University in May 1999.  It was da' bomb!  This was a major milestone and one of the best moments in my life, and I was proud to share it with my family--my grandmother, uncle and cousins--and friends.  It was such a happy and glorious occasion to see an auditorium full of thousands of Black people who celebrated and honored the ceremony of hundreds of Black college graduates.  When my name was called, and I walked to the stage to receive my diploma, my family stood up and roared with excitement.  I had a smile from ear to ear!

When my diploma was placed in my hand, it became the torch that not only lights my path, but the paths of others. My accomplishments--an yours--can lead the way for those in our community.

And I would like to send a shout-out to all the fathers of Sacramento--Happy Father's Day!

Get ready for a hot summer of fun in Sacramento.  Don't miss the Juneteenth Festival at William Land Park, the Meadowview Jazz Festival at Cosumnes River College, the California State Fair at Cal Expo and several concerts coming to SacTown!

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True Blessings!

CEO and Founder Pleshette Robertson

The Hub is proud to announce its endorsement for the Sacramento for Obama '08 campaign.  The campaign headquarters is located at The Loft, 727 1/2 J Street in Downtown Sacramento, and is the site for business affairs and fund-raising coordination.  For more information regarding the Sacramento for Obama '08 campaign, visit www.sacramentoforobama.com.

Kelvin Powell, owner and CEO, and Katanya Maina, Events Director Consultant opened The Loft in January, which is a new entertainment and events center, complete with VIP rooms.  With a capacity of 300-500 people, The Loft provides space for weddings, dinner banquets, parties and business meetings.  For more information, visit www.loftonj.com or call (916) 444-0424.

True Blessings!

CEO and Founder Pleshette Robertson