Access to affordable health care is closer for 5.3 million Californias without insurance.  So give the GIFT OF HEALTHCARE and let your family members know about the great news of health insurance being available for all. Covered California is the new place for legal residents to secure low-cost health insurance to fit your family or employees.  Covered California ensures people who lose a job, become sick, or have pre-existing medical conditions don’t lose their insurance.  The creation of this central health insurance market positions California as the first state to fulfill Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  We plan to help you understand your options and how to enroll through Covered California.  Stay tuned for announcements to come via our eblast announcements, the Urban Weekly e-newsletter, future issues of THE HUB Magazine, via our Facebook Fan page, and at community events where we will keep you informed on ways to get covered and avoid penalties if youre 18 or older and don’t have health coverage.

Learn about essential health benefits and preventative care services included in the health plans.  Information on how to compare plans, obtain financial assistance on premiums, and tax incentives will be provided where we live and work.  Covered California makes insurance companies offer high quality insrance for all individuals and businesses. Be part of the movement to get health insurance by January 2014, visit

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True Blessings & Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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