Experience the Joy of Sharing the Wealth

I’ve asked myself several times, what do I value most and what makes life worthwhile? Like most people, I like to imagine, “If I had a million dollars, I could do this, and I would be free to do that….” But I also know that it’s not money that brings you true joy! But when you share the wealth, you can live in expectancy. As God gives us time, abilities and other resources, he expects us to invest wisely (Matthew 25:15). We are responsible to use well what God has given us. The issue is not how much we have, but what we do with what we have.

Genuine wealth is, as Robert Kennedy noted, the things that make life worthwhile. Most of us could define these things in a few minutes. The condition of my well-being is so defined by my state of mind–in how I manage my lifestyle, how I manage my household, how my business is organized, how I treat and help others and how I manage my finances.

I value spending time with my family, successfully managing my finances with what I already have, fellowshipping with friends and family at church, and sharing information and helpful resources with others. Of course, my key favorites that bring me joy and contentment are: eating, exercising, socializing and laughing. We must learn to utilize and manage what we already have and share more with others so that we can receive more. To receive more, you must give more and this can be in many ways, through sharing of resources, information, your individual talents or volunteer time. So does it really matter how much you money you have? How big your house is? How expensive your car is, or how large your salary? Does money really make your life richer? What determines your genuine wealth? What brings you joy?

The holiday season is about sharing. What or who will you share it with this holiday season? There are so many people in need of shelter, food and clothing due to the current economy. Some of us wonder, “What can I do? I am barely making it myself!” But there are so many ways to share that do not require money. It all begins with using what you already have–your time, your talent, and donations of what you are not using anymore that could be of use to someone else.

Best of wishes to you and your family for a genuine wealth of blessings! Begin the holiday season with sharing Sacculturalhub.com and THE HUB Magazine with someone who doesn’t know about us so they stay informed about best of exciting events and resources for the entire family. We take pride in the celebration of living your life in abundance. Our mission is to keep you inspired and empowered by a wealth of diversified news that will motivate and elevate African American professionals, communities of color and youth to thrive and succeed in life.

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True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson, CEO & Founder of Sacculturalhub.com
Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine





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