sachub > Model, PleshetteHAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! On behalf of HUB Magazine and my staff, I would like to wish all of the HUB FANS, our Hub Partners and new clients the best of a Holiday season and prosperous New Year.  If you woke up livin’ today, please be thankful for the basics, your bed, your toothbrush, your clean sheets, toiletry items, your health, your family, and so fourth.  Continue to give thanks 365 days of the year as our Lord promises us a NEW DAY when we are blessed to wake up each morning!  Let us not forget that 2009 will be the VICTORY CELEBRATION year. continues to feel blessed to bring you urban entertainment news that provides you with an exciting, fun, educating, and informative platform of knowing the 4-1-1 of what’s happening on the forefront in the African American community. 

Stay encouraged as we move into the new year of 2009 leaving the past behind and aiming for a positive future in everything you do, think and say.  Stop worrying, and start praying for things and your situation to get better for the short run and the long term.  There is always someone else who is worse off than you are.  I love you Sacramento for continuing to spread the goods news about   

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True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson

Founder of

Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine


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