In March 2013 I got a SPRING MAKEOVER as I surely needed it.  There comes a time when you need and want new photos, a new hairdo, and new pointers for great make-up tricks.  My private photo shoot experience at the Make-Up Bar with Takia, Professional Stylist/Make-over Artist and Photographer, April was exactly what I needed to “get my groove back!” This professional duo totally made me feel like a move star on set and I loved their super hospitality with my Mimosa in hand and great music!  If you are looking to get new photos, you should definitley treat yourself to a photo session for a celebrity makeover while you enjoy cocktails and music at the Make-Up Bar with Take Meacham ( and April Taylor of A Love Photography (  For more info e-mail or call (916) 256-8810.

As I am a mother of 3 daughters (21, 19, and 15), I would like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are in the role of motherhood in your families.  Be sure to read the next issue of THE HUB Magazine Spring/April 2013 (on newsstands week of April 22nd) as it places a great deal of focus on the family and if you aren’t already doing so, please take the lead or join forces to improve our lifestyle of health and safety in our communities.  We encourage you to subscribe to THE HUB Magazine and see the current digital issue online now and have access to past issue >>see more.


True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson, CEO & Founder of
Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine




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