The new year always presents a new opportunity to set goals for yourself personally and professionally. YOU should consider these simple DO’s & DON’Ts of goal setting, if you are planning to: lose weight; run in a marathon; get married; take a vacation; save money for a new home; start your 401k plan; redesign your bathroom, buy a car; start school; run for a political position; raise funds for a charity campaign; seek a new job promotion; change careers; start or expand your business I highly recommend that you buy yourself a journal, if you don’t already have one, and begin writing down your goals to start and complete your plan or project. Write down every thought that comes to you about your new project and match or list with your set of goals. As your plan to succeed, begins with a realistic set of SMART goals, your goals need to be set and set high; expectations need to be limitless; and ambition cannot be restrained. If you believe you can only go so far, it is an obstacle.

DO: Visualize your desired outcome

DON’T: Go into your goal with a defeatist attitude


DO: Write down your course of action in an easy step-by-step format that can be checked off with each accomplishment

DON’T: Try to memorize all of the steps as most will be forgotten

DO: Think positive all the time

DON’T: Let yourself be overcome with the negatives or set backs

DO: Surround yourself in motivating factors and keep them in easy to spot locations

DON’T: Forget the reason why you have set up your in the first place

DO: Set your plan of action as soon as you know what you want and start right away

DON’T: Procrastinate in beginning your course of action

DO: Be realistic in your setting your goals

DON’T: Set your goals too high to achieve them

DO: Be specific in the goals you choose

DON’T: Set goals that are too vague

DO: Learn to be organized in your thinking patterns

DON’T: Make no effort to keep track of all of your achievements

DO: Share your achievements with those around you

DON’T: Downplay your achievements

DO: Stay focused on your goals Don’t: Let yourself get off track



In 2001 I began profusely writing in my “Prayer Journal” and wrote and wrote about my goals, dreams and new plans for myself and my family. Don’t ever forget that the POWER of words on paper will be the foreground and assist in translating your dreams into reality.

True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson, CEO & Founder of
Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine

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