Spring 2022

One might ask how do you live your best life when there can be endless bad news especially when there are family tragedies, world war crises, and senseless fatal violence in the community. My late grandmother would always say, “JUST KEEP LIVING!”, when I would either make fun and not take life seriously when I was in my 20s and 30s. Well this year I will be 55 and for the last 3 years I can honestly say that it has been difficult to cope with life changing issues while at the same time keeping a positive upbeat attitude about the future.

Nevertheless we find ways to stay afloat and move forward. What do you do to spring clean your life? What makes you feel better and refreshed for this beautiful time of the year? Here are 21 ways to start the Spring cleaning of your life:

  1. Clean up your relationships.
  2. Rediscover your talents.
  3. Straighten out your finances.
  4. Declutter your mind.
  5. Clear your schedule.
  6. Spruce up your diet.
  7. Get rid of physical clutter.
  8. Find your jam.
  9. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore.
  10. Try a capsule wardrobe.
  11. Create your life plan.
  12. Find some new inspiration.
  13. Spring clean all your spaces.
  14. Redefine your core values.
  15. Reflect on this year.
  16. Check your attitude.
  17. Change up your routines.
  18. Find a new hobby.
  19. Clear out your technology.
  20. Have an unsubscribing session.
  21. Reclaim your inner peace.

Source: /www.akindjourney.com/read/21-ways-to-spring-clean-your-life

This special edition of the Spring 2022 issue of THE HUB Magazine is full of rich articles beginning with our front cover feature story on SacTown native, Danielle Moné Truitt, who has a starring role in NBC’s Law & Order: Organized Crime (page 8). I personally met Danielle when she was in her 20s and I am personally extremely proud of her accomplishments and so glad to know her and family members.

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Enjoy all what is to be offered in the Spring season – Happy Easter and Happy Mother’s Day!

True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson, CEO and Founder

Sac Cultural Hub Media Company and Foundation



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