I’m always so sincerely touched by what our readers and clients have to say about Sacculturalhub.com and THE HUB Magazine. It’s lets me know that I am in the career place I’m supposed to be in. This mixed up world has a tendency to turn you upside down and sometimes in a topsy-turvy mode and in some cases, a tumble of a journey. I’m celebrating my new and first grandson, Baby Joseph King Scott who our family was blessed with on July 23, 2014… he has brought so much joy to our family as WE LOVE BABIES so much! I tell everyone it’s when they are babies I love them most, it’s when they grow up to talk back and become teenagers, I don’t like them anymore! God is good though as Baby Joseph is healthy and so cute and getting to be a very round fat butterball.

As we approach the holidays this Fall season, be sure to remember to PRAY for all those less fortunate than you as there is so much beyond our control and we can only do so much and place the rest of the burdens upon our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Way Is Right…Trust in the Lord forever, for in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock. —Isaiah 26:4

God’s way is always right. It doesn’t always make sense—in fact… it is often mysterious. It can seldom be explained. It isn’t always pleasurable and fun. But I have lived long enough to realize that His way is always right. I believe that not until we embrace God’s sovereignty will we have the ability to reason our way through life. Until then we will be too important in the plan. Man’s opinion will be too significant to us. And we will churn and wrestle and struggle our way through this Christian life, trying too hard to please people rather than living it relieved and relaxed in His plan. —Wisdom for the Way: Wise Words for Busy People by Charles R. Swindoll

As we just completed our phenomenal 6th Annual EWOC-Exceptional Women of Color Conference event (on 9/13/14), Sac Cultural Hub is now preparing for Open Enrollment for afforadable health insurance through Covered California.  See more info about Pre Enrollment opportunities by going to http://www.sacculturalhub.com/covered-california.  Pick up the Fall 2014 issue of THE HUB Magazine and read about all of exceptional women we spotlighted in Northern California.

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True Blessings!

Pleshette Robertson, CEO & Founder of Sacculturalhub.com
Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine




If you are looking for innovative opportunities to grow your network, increase your clientele, brand your services and products, grow and sustain your business and form strategic partnerships, contact the Sacculturalhub.com Media Company to arrange for a consultation by e-mailing contact@sacculturalhub.com or calling (916) 234-3589.

If know of an African American professional in Northern California who has just received a significant promotion or new job opportunity within the past year (e.g. – President, CEO, COO, Clinical or Political Appointment, Corporate Executive, Manager, etc.), we want to spotlight them.  E-mail us at contact@sacculturalhub.com.





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