Once in a lifetime a child comes along who is wise beyond their years.  Eleven year old Sacramento native Savanna Karmue is one such child.  From the tender age of six years old, Savanna has been passionate in her desire to become a world renowned cardiologist.  After learning the devastating effects of heart disease and childhood obesity, Savanna took it upon herself to find a way to help save lives.

At only nine years old, Savanna wrote her very first book, Happy Heart Advices, Vol. 1, a colorful book filled with easy to understand information on the functionality of the heart as well as tips for healthy living.  Two years later Savanna has been recognized by the American Heart Association and is the President of her own non-profit foundation Happy Heart Advices, Inc., an organization dedicated to ending Childhood Obesity by helping youth to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

In 2016 Savanna was recognized as one of Senator Richard Pan’s Unsung Heroes of 2016 for her work speaking to companies, schools, and families across the country on heart health.  Savanna has also garnered media attention and recognition from national organizations for her Seasonal Happy Heart Challenges which encourage schools and families to get active for heart health.

Recently, natural food company Hampton Creek met with Savanna and agreed to invest in the Happy Heart cause.  “Natural, healthy food options are the foundation of our company. Says Hampton Creek CEO, Josh Tetrick.  “So, of course we believe in Savanna and what she is doing.  As a company we are investing $3,000 into Happy Heart so that Savanna can focus on carrying her amazing message and movement far and wide.” 

“It feels very good to have a company like this to believe in me.”  Says Savanna “And I’m glad they are helping me to help more people have happy, healthy hearts”

Savanna’s next Happy Heart Challenge, which is already attracting participants, kicks off officially this spring and is expected to be a major win for heart health.

To find out more about Savanna Karmue and to sign up for the Happy Heart challenge visit www.happyheartadvices.com

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