Kristina, Janet, and Michael P Coleman, about to do some of what we love best. Nothing beats a great meal and conversation with my ladies.

A Life-Saving Conversation This Juneteenth and Father’s Day

By Michael P Coleman,

Father’s Day has always been a loaded holiday in my family. Growing up, I celebrated it with my Dad every year, but that was as much a factor of my mother’s insistence as it was wanted to honor him. I didn’t really start to “get” him until after I became a father myself, early in my 20s.

The day always fall’s near or on my youngest daughter’s birthday, which positioned the holiday quite well for an annual series of jokes about whether her birthday or Father’s Day trumped the other.

In case you’re wondering, the kid won that debate every June.

Earlier this month, as we celebrated Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and Kristina’s birthday, I was reflective about a profound conversation I recently had with both of my girls. It was the kind of chat that can, literally, save and improve lives. Most of us don’t have one of those every day.

Now’s your chance. Read all about it, as we used to say, at

And if you’re so inspired, please register as an organ and tissue donor.


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