Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA) Sacramento County Chapter is proud to announce its endorsement picks for the June 5, 2018 Sacramento County elections.

Black Women Organized for Political Action has accepted the call to action to inform our community about candidates seeking office and their potential impact on the issues central to all of us.  The following is the list of candidates who responded to our questionnaire and were subsequently interviewed by a panel comprised of BWOPA general members.

State Senate District 6 Dr. Richard Pan
Sacramento County Offfice of Education Area 1Bina Lefkovitz
Sacramento County Office of Education Area 2  Ray Green
Twins Rivers Unified School District Area 6Rebecca Sandoval
District Attorney  Noah Phillips
Sheriff Milo Fitch
Sacramento City Council Area 1Angelique Ashby
Sacramento City Council Area 5 Tamika L’cluse
Sacramento City Council Area 7Rick Jennings


We’re  pleased to report all of the candidates shared many of the concerns, values held by the BWOPA member base, including the disproportionate number of African American students excluded from education with high suspensions or expulsions, health issues with the high disparity for African American women and along with criminal justice reform issues.

Sacramento County has 23 offices with over 60 candidates which are up for re-election and while not all candidates responded to our call over 24 candidates completed the questionnaire and 22 took the time to meet with our members and respond to our questions about our community needs.

For more info contact Cecile L. Nunley, Co-Chair Elections and Board Pod at (916) 812-9759.  To learn more about BWOPA Sacramento Chapter, go to:

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