The California State Fair is accepting applications for the Cultural Advisory Council. The Cultural Advisory Council (CAC) enhances the outreach efforts of the Cal Expo Board of Directors and staff in cultural communities throughout the state. The CAC also advises the Board on matters pertaining to California State Fair multicultural programs related to education, entertainment and other activities.
Applicants to the CAC should be leaders from diverse cultural communities throughout California and represent a variety of interests and expertise in the areas including, but not limited to: agriculture, arts, community services, education, entertainment, finance, health, government, law enforcement, legal, media, marketing, small business and youth. CAC members serve at the pleasure of the Cal Expo Board of Directors. Once selected by the Board, a member will serve one term of two-years. Upon completion of that term, a member will have the opportunity to apply for reappointment by the Board for up to two additional, consecutive terms of three-years each and one final two-year term after a one year break.
Qualified candidates should fill out the application form located online at The deadline for submitting an application is Friday, November 1, 2019.
For questions, please contact Sue O’Brien at
About the California State Fair 
Cal Expo is home of the California State Fair, an international award-winning fair, receiving top honors at the International Association of Fairs and Expositions out of more than 1,100 fairs world-wide. Originally established in 1854, the California State Fair is dedicated as a place to celebrate the best the state has to offer in agriculture, technology and the diversity of its people, traditions and trends that shape the Golden State’s future. Join us for the 2020 California State Fair.

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