This Black History Month, Hello Alice reflects on the past, present, and future of Black entrepreneurship in America.

Owning a business has provided generations of Black Americans the opportunity to control their destiny, lift up their communities, and follow their passions. From Robert Reed Church to Shonda Rhimes, there are countless stories of Black entrepreneurs succeeding against the odds. But the coronavirus threatens to roll back decades of progress, and systemic barriers are not going away. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to the New Majority of business owners, Hello Alice is unveiling a month-long celebration of Black entrepreneurship. Throughout February, expect to see:

  • A Black-owned business data report analyzing the profile and most pressing needs of Black entrepreneurs
  • Stories from Black small business owners, both on our blog and via social media
  • New grant opportunities, events, and other resources hosted on our Black-Owned Business Resource Center hosted in partnership with the NAACP

Ready to celebrate with us? Follow the link to read more about our plans for the next month, and join the Business for All Community to lend your voice to the conversation.


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