Join us for Tea Time with Pleshette with special guests Betty Williams, President of the Sacramento NAACP and Rashid Sidqe, community leader and environmental justice advocate, as we discuss “Where do we go from here? The March, Protests, Violence in our Neighborhoods & Voting”.
Taking place on Thurs-6/11 from 6 pm to 7 pm broadcast on Facebook live via and
For more than 30 years, BETTY WILLIAMS has worked tirelessly to improve her community, be a voice for marginalized communities, and make South Sacramento a better place to live, work, and grow. While dedicating herself to serving the public and starting her own business, Betty also raised three children, who grew up in the South Sac community and gave Betty a unique education on the needs of families in District 8.
Under Betty’s leadership, the Sacramento County NAACP partnered with City and County law enforcement to reduce crime and build a safer community. Prior to this partnership, she was nationally recognized for her instrumental work in developing and implementing community-driven policing strategy.
Outside of her time as a multi-term NAACP president, Betty has also served as a member of the Mayor’s Business Advisory Council, the Crime-Prevention Council, and oversaw the 2010 U.S. Census’s record-breaking outreach to minority populations in Sacramento.
Founder, African American Leadership Coalition
Board Member, Sacramento Mayor’s Business Advisory Council
Board Member, Sacramento Crime Prevention Task Force
Founder, Parents with Concerns
Member, California High-Speed Rail Business Advisory Council
Member, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce
Member, Sacramento Urban League
Board Member, Sacramento County Sheriff Advisory Board
Board Member, Career Education Training Advisory Board
President (multi-term), Sacramento NAACP
As an Employment Recruitment Specialist, Betty has run her own business for several years, placing hundreds of qualified employees into local, good-paying jobs. Through this, Betty has learned the ins and outs of Sacramento’s business community, and just how the local government can support more small businesses in South Sacramento.
In addition to her family, business, and volunteer roles, Betty also founded Parents with Concerns (PWC), an organization that teaches parents how to effectively advocate for the rights of their children. She also launched the African-American Leadership Coalition, which enhanced African-American participation in community problem-solving.
Betty’s life mission is to serve her community. She has a proven record of effective leadership, progressive problem-solving, and bringing diverse communities together to build something truly great. These experiences and talents will allow Betty to start working towards a better Sacramento on day one as District 8’s City Council Member.
RASHID F. SIDQE wears many hats: California-Hawaii State NAACP Assistant Manager, Lift Up Love Always (LULA) Executive Director (nonprofit), community leader and environmental justice advocate. In these important roles for more than 25 years, Mr. Sidqe continues to work tirelessly in his effort to improve the social and economic conditions of hard-to-serve populations in the Greater Sacramento region.  
To strengthen his efforts, Rashid Sidqe founded LULA, a non-profit organization with an ambitious vision and mission to focus on restorative justice, police reform, and reducing recidivism in underserved communities by increasing employment and training opportunities with researched driven data.  Under the L.U.L.A. umbrella, he brought in the Law Enforcement Accountability Directive (L.E.A.D), an advocacy program which has been instrumental in leading the fight for police reform in the City of Sacramento.
Sidqe grew up in Sacramento by way of Houston, Texas, graduating from Grant High School in 1988.  He went on to attend Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia.  After college, Sidqe returned to Sacramento, where he started his family and raised three beautiful daughters.
Sidqe began work for the Greater Sacramento Urban League in 1995, as the Case Manager of the General Education Diploma (GED) Program, where he played a large role in graduating over 400 students. He soon was promoted to the position of Supervisor and then Director of Youth and Adult Services and eventually became the Vice President for the Greater Sacramento Urban League.
In 2002, Sidqe transferred to a smaller agency, the Center for Fathers and Families. This agency had a heavy youth focus, which was the core reason why Sidqe decided to work in social services. This agency’s focus was on underserved youth in Sacramento and provided quality after school services. Sidqe returned to the Greater Sacramento Urban League in 2014 following the creation of more than 20 sites in underserved schools throughout the Sacramento Area.
More than two decades later, Sidqe remains involved in his community with expertise and a deep passion for improving health disparities, reducing high drop-out rates, and eliminating the high unemployment rate. His contributions have led to innovative solutions and transformative public awareness.
Sidqe is a dynamic leader, public speaker, skilled organizer and tough negotiator when it comes to the betterment of his community.  Sidqe has been instrumental in bringing about positive change in the greater Sacramento area, while tirelessly aiding his community and helping the underserved gain access to much needed resources.
Sidqe’s drive continues to be fueled by the mission of equality for all, the spirit of Sacramento, and commitment to his community to bring fairness and justice for all.

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