Equity, Equality, and Justice For All: Personal Memoir William Jahmal Miller

William Jahmal Miller pays tribute and honors to those who paved the way for him by documenting his extremely powerful journey in the personal memoir, Equity, Equality, and Justice For All. Told with intensity and power, the inspiration to ink the book emerged during Miller’s tenure as California’s first-ever health equity officer and leading advisor to Gov. Jerry Brown on issues of health and mental health disparities.

Equity, Equality, and Justice For All expertly builds upon several years of professional leadership experiences in the field of health and human services in Miller’s remarkable role as Deputy Director of California’s Office of Health Equity. Miller’s leadership is not confined to healthcare, as he shares stories that help readers understand that an individuals’ optimal health and wellbeing is not solely predicated on who their doctor might be or where they receive healthcare. Instead – as told with research and data – it is heavily predicated on where a person lives, learns, works, plays and prays. These important determinants of health carry the most significant aspect in each person’s life, and Miller’s Equity, Equality, and Justice For All blends in important themes from his personal perspective.

Miller’s role as Deputy Director of California’s Office of Health Equity was a tipping point in his life – a time when he was afforded a platform to affect change at the highest levels of state government. He explains that such an opportunity could only have been dreamed of by his ancestors, and without the sacrifices of those that came before him, his story would not be possible.

“Whether you are an academic, a high school student, graduate student, civil rights leader, aspiring healthcare executive or a policy maker, this book will resonate deeply with you” Miller writes. Miller’s personal and career backgrounds are definitely made for an engrossing read and highlight his expertise in constructing an informational memoir. He is currently Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Mercy Medical Group, a service of Dignity Health Medical Foundation.

Miller served as System Vice President with Common Spirit Health, where he had responsibility for national health equity and inclusion initiatives. Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) merged as Common Spirit Health in February 2019, creating a new nonprofit Catholic health system focused on advancing health for all people. Prior to joining Common Spirit, Miller was Blue Shield of California’s inaugural Director of Corporate Reputation and Thought Leadership.

Miller is recognized as a national thought leader and an expert on issues pertaining to healthcare strategy, public health, health equity, mental health, and public policy. He serves on the diverse boards of directors for the Crocker Art Museum Association (CAMA), Valley Vision, the California Asian Chamber of Commerce, and is an active contributor to Landmark Ventures’ Social Innovation Summit.

In addition to serving on the American Psychological Association’s Presidential Health Equity Task Force since January 2021, Miller was elected to The California Endowment’s board of directors, a not-for-profit foundation with $3.4 billion assets under management.

Appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2013, Miller served as the Deputy Director Of the California Department of Public Health’s Office of Health Equity (OHE) and the State’s lead advisor on issues related to reducing health and mental health disparities and achieving health equity for all Californians. With the unique distinction of being confirmed by the California State Senate, he was responsible for leading the state’s mission on health equity to promote equitable social, economic, and environmental conditions.

Miller is a graduate of Columbia University in New York City, with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology. He also holds a Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree from the University of Southern California. In May 2016, Western University of Health Sciences conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters (DHL) to Miller, recognizing his lifetime achievements in the field of health and human services.

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