Gospel Artist Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar will perform at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis on Sunday, September 29, 2019.  Their contemporary gospel album “Limitless” showcases the intricate arrangements, original compositions and musical theater.  This West Coast tour is the third installment of the tour.  Last year, the Fall/Winter tour was on the East Coast.  This is the first time the tour is on the West Coast; performing in Davis, Seattle and Portland.  Mr. McLaughlin was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, like famous natives James Brown and opera great Jessie Norman.  As a child he used to see Ms. Norman and did not know she was a famous singer.  Mr. McLaughlin graduated from Columbus State University in Georgia, which is home to the well known music conservatory Schwob School of Music.  He specialized in classical music and thought he’d be an opera singer.   But after getting into gospel music he found he liked classical music but loved gospel music.  Singing opera is restrictive, with the major vocal performances, it is not recommended to sing other types of music, especially if it will leave your voice raspy.  He realized he wanted to do what he wanted, to sing several types of music and has been singing gospel ever since. Mr. McLaughlin shared with THE HUB some of his story about his gospel music journey.

THE HUB: How long have you been a gospel artist?  How did you get started?
McLaughlin: My ten-year anniversary was in July.  I’ve been singing since I was four years old.  When I figured I could be a singer for a living, that’s all I worked towards.  I also have been directing as well as singing.

THE HUB: Is this your first gospel concert of this level?
McLaughlin: My first national tour was last year.  I have been on other people’s tours before that.

THE HUB: What are your plans for the future in terms of your music?
McLaughlin: I’d love to continue doing music and also want to travel internationally training as a clinician.

THE HUB: How do you hope your music will inspire our community and communities of the world, in view of all the challenges people and families are dealing with in today’s world?
McLaughlin: I am hoping it will in some way change them, not necessarily in a religious way but to inspire and help people get past bad times, if only for a moment is my main goal.

THE HUB: As the 2020 presidential election approaches, what are your hopes?
McLaughlin: I am hoping people can come together and find more ways to connect with one another.  The last four years have caused a division and it’s a shame.  People can disagree but not be so divisive, we need to come together on another level.

THE HUB: Is there anything we haven’t discussed that you’d like to add?
McLaughlin: I want people to come to the show with an open mind.  I am a Christian/Gospel artist.  But the show will be R&B, gospel and musical theater mixed in.  I do everything; there’s something for everyone.  There have even been atheists at my shows, who have enjoyed the show.  All are welcome (click here to purchase tickets).

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 Contributing Writer, Donna Michele Ramos 

Donna Michele Ramos

Donna Ramos writes several (contemporary and historical) multi-cultural, romance novels simultaneously.  Her journalism career as a Senior Staff Writer/Reporter for THE HUB Magazine has yielded interviews with Maxwell, Venus and Serena Williams and HRH Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York, to name a few.  As a self-published author, Ramos received acclaim from Essence Magazine and BlackbookPlus.com by being on their best seller lists for her contemporary romance debut book “HIGH RISE”.  Currently she is writing, “M&M: MADNESS AND MAYHEM”, the final book in her “HIGH RISE” Trilogy, and “CHOCOLATE IN THE CITY”.  Donna partnered with another author, Brooklen Borne to write a 4-book sci-fi thriller series, “Absorption.” Last year she was named “Author of the Year” by Write-On! Awards for Literary Excellence.  She states her next project is to “teach myself how to screen write so I can turn my novels into screenplays and submit them to studios and agents searching for fresh new scripts.” Connect with Donna at: facebook.com/donnamramos1



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