Since 1972, The Sacramento Area Black Caucus (SABC) has been at the forefront of advocacy in the community, helping to secure and protect the civil and human rights of our people with making historical accomplishments that include:

  • 2017  Participated and supported Sacramento Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement
  • 2016  Hosted Sacramento visit -Colonel Vincent Nyakarundi, the first ever      Rwandan Military Attaché to the United Nations
  • 2014  SABC members played a key role in the formation and implementation of the historic Sacramento Black Book Fair (SBBF) 
  • 2014  SABC & UHLHP introduced their 1st Annual Veterans Community Outreach Recruitment Day for Black History Month
  • 2014  SABC & UHLHP introduced their 1st Annual Veterans Women’s History Month Veteran’s Community Outreach Day
  • 2014  SABC’s Co-founder Dr. David L. Covin was recognized for the year LEGACY award by the California Black Chamber of Commerce        
  • 2013  SABC’s 41st Anniversary Celebration honoring our founding members entitled “Sharing Our Past Strengthens Our Future”
  • Sponsored and co-sponsored various cultural and political events such as:  the Annual Black History Month, Kwanzaa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, programs, Congress of African      Peoples (CAP) convening’s, (Political Conventions and Educational Conferences), and community forums.  
  • Developed, implemented and staff the Black Parallel School Board, (visit:
  • Dedicated and housed a Black Resource Library named in honor of Dr. David L. Covin, PhD.
  • SABC edits and publishes the weekly Talking Drum online newsletter
  • 2007  SABC researched, developed and published in collaboration with other individuals and groups an Education Report entitled “The State of Black Students’ Education” (visit:
  • Since 2007 co-sponsored and hosted annual Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba visit to Sacramento 
  • Provided testimony at the 2007 California Legislative Black Caucus’ hearing on the  State of Black California
  • 2004 and 2007 SABC co-sponsored, coordinated and hosted the Annual Pastors for Peace Caravan visit to Sacramento
  • 2005  Participated in welcoming Paul Kagame, president of the Republic of Rwanda to Sacramento and Sacramento State
  • 1995  Sponsored and coordinated the One Thousand Man (more 5, 000 people attended and participated) March/Rally the California State Capitol
  • 1995  Assisted with the formation of the Black Sacramento County Redistricting Committee
  • 1997  SABC members coordinate a visit and provide holiday stockings to local senior care center during the holidays.
  • 1994  SABC members identify families in need and provide holiday baskets.
  • SABC provides Annual Memorial Scholarships to local high school and first year college students in memorial of: Cheryl Ann Fisher and Rosenwald “Robbie” Robertson.
  • Co-sponsored and coordinated two successful Africa Channel presentations at Sacramento City College and California State University at Sacramento.
  • Coordinated and co-sponsored voter education and registration drives.
  • SABC members conduct presentations and facilitate community meetings, and forums.
CLICK HERE to learn more about the founders of SABC along with their mission and goals.

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