There are substantial racial disparities in the burden of lupus, according to results from a new study on the disease. Additionally, new data from two registries revealed that black females are disproportionately burdened by lupus.

According to the study, an extensive review of records from hospitals, specialists’ offices and clinical laboratories within Georgia and Michigan showed blacks had an increased proportion of lupus-related renal (kidney) disease and progression to end-stage renal disease than whites, and that black females developed lupus at a younger age than white females.

Researchers found black women had an incidence rate in the population studied of nearly three times higher than that for white women, with significantly high rates in the 30-39 age group.

Researchers believe these patterns of lupus will help them better assess risk for developing the disease, although there are still challenges with diagnosing lupus as there remains undiagnosed cases in communities.

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