Over the past several weeks, as we’ve celebrated our remarkable successes in the midterm elections, we’ve also seen a collapse in the California Democratic Party leadership. 

It has been painful to witness – especially for the victims who have come forward, the staffers who have spoken out and the delegates and extended community of supporters who have had to re-evaluate the trust they had placed in the leadership of this organization. They deserved better.

Politics is a tough sport. Winning and losing is part of the game. We play til the ref says done and then walk away, readying ourselves for the next contest. But it’s not just about the scoreboard at the end of the season.

Our Party is about who we are, what we stand for, how we treat people – especially those with the least power. That, in the end, is what really counts. 

And right now, who we are as a Party has come starkly into question. We – elected leaders, the labor community, delegates and activists, have to find an answer, and find it quickly.

After deep consideration and long conversations with delegates, elected officials, labor leaders, social justice advocates and Party activists who urged me to consider taking up the mantle, I’ve decided to answer the call and run for Chair of the California Democratic Party. 

My name will be presented for consideration this May and it’s my sincere hope that I will be the consensus choice of each and every delegate. 

I am committed to making sure that we look forward as a Party, not back; that we seize this moment as an opportunity to build broader coalitions with new allies; and most importantly, that we bind the wounds of the past and create safeguards to ensure that the abuse we’ve seen can never be repeated. 

Campaigns are reflective of the times, and right now, we need a leader who will work to heal and unify all sides; a leader who reaches out and refuses to hold grudges. We need a leader who fights for the voiceless and resists the urge to punch down. We need a leader who sets a high standard and positive tone at the top, creating a culture of safety, inclusion and belonging for everyone.

Our next Chair must welcome national candidates to the California primary and speak to California’s vision for what the next Democratic President can achieve.

I believe I am that leader and I am encouraged by all those who are supporting my candidacy and I will work to earn the vote of every delegate.

I ask for your support so that together we can reform the tone, tenor and culture of the California Democratic Party and rebuild the trust that has been broken; cement the victories of 2018 in 2020; and return a measure of dignity to the nation by electing a Democratic President.

As we move forward, our Party must dedicate itself to creating a culture that fosters not just the winning of elections, but the winning back of hearts and minds.

Democratically Yours,


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