May 10, 2017 (Sacramento, CA) – The Greater Sacramento NAACP is launching an unprecedented local legal effort to eradicate discriminatory law enforcement practices in the Greater Sacramento region.

Based on recent findings on disproportionate traffic stops impacting African American and Latino drivers released by the Sacramento Bee, Betty Williams, president of the Sacramento Branch NAACP says” the association has invited Attorney Mark Harris of Harris & Associates to the NAACP General Membership meeting on Saturday, May 13th at 11am, located at 3555 3rd Ave., Sacramento, CA 95817 (WCIC Building). By partnering with Harris and other legal firms, the Sacramento NAACP plans to explore the possibility of a Class Action law suit in order to affect change in the cities policing policy.

“It’s is unacceptable for our community to be victimized and singled out merely because the color of our skin,” said Harris. “African-Americans are subjected to unjustified encounters with law enforcement at levels disproportionately higher than any other members of our community. Those encounters have fanned the flames of mistrust of law enforcement by Sacramento’s Black residents which is unconscionable in light of the fact we pay their salaries,” he said.

Says NAACP Branch President Betty Williams: “No one should feel that they are less-than, or treated differently when walking or driving while Black. However, this practice continues here in Sacramento, and it must stop.”

Any person in the County of Sacramento with an experience of unfair treatment at the hands of local law enforcement within the last seven years are encouraged to attend the Branch’s meeting on Saturday, May 13 at 11am.

“These stories must be told. Justice must be achieved by any and all means possible.” said President Williams.

NOTE: Data from the Sacramento Bee report in May 2017 is similar to the final report issued by the City of Sacramento in 2001 (found here), and another one by the County of Sacramento in 2011, found here.

The Greater Sacramento NAACP – 3555 3rd Avenue, Sacramento, CA. 95817- email

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