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Sac Hub sat down with Mr. Charles Cole, Senior Associate Director of Admissions & Outreach at California State University of Sacramento (CSUS) to learn more about why it is so VIP for students to seek out all opportunities for financial aid assistance. Mr. Cole has been with Sac State for a total of 19 years in the Division of Student Affairs and 7 years in his current position. He began working as a Student Intern running campus tours and doing orientation. Upon graduating from CSUS, he was hired on as an Admissions & Outreach Counselor. Mr. Cole is from Geary, Indiana but grew up in Merced with his family.
In the photo with Mr. Cole is Veronica Delgado, Associate Director of Admissions for Marketing & Communications in Admissions & Outreach in the Division of Student Affairs at CSUS. Veronica has been in her new position for 1 year.
We discussed several opportunities especially the many scholarships available for students along with the upcoming deadline on Saturday, March 2, 2019 for the FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
THE HUB: As there is much to understand about financial aid, FAFSA, the Cal Grant, what is the #1 thing you want students to know?
Cole: Apply early. Do not delay. There is money out there to be given and here at Sac State 80% of our students receive financial aid. A lot of that financial aid will pay for the tuition and some of their room and board. But applying early is the key especially with scholarships. We have a deadline of March 15 here at Sac State for scholarships so we have additional monies for institutional scholarships for families to apply for. And it’s just one application to complete for millions of dollars available if they are applying and coming to Sac State.
The Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at Sacramento State awards nearly $4M dollars in institutional scholarship opportunities each year. By completing a single application students are matched to available scholarship opportunities offered at CSUS. Scholarships are offered by various colleges, departments and organizations to undergraduate and graduate students who meet specific criteria. Additional Community Scholarship opportunities are available and require a separate application. Mr. Cole also mentioned there is scholarship through the single application process that he funds $500 for the “Mr. Charles Cole Scholarship” that is offered to senior students to apply of which he has personally funded for the last 4 years at Sacramento State University. CLICK HERE to learn more information about the single application process for applying for scholarships at CSUS.  
Parents please note that if you are completing the FAFSA process online with your children, and you haven’t completed your taxes for the prior year, you can now go 2 years back under the “prior-prior year” rule to enter your information in order to complete the application. For example, if you are completing the FAFSA this year, you can enter your tax info from the 2017 tax year. 
I learned a great deal of new info on resources available from Mr. Cole as we talked about student housing, Sac Alumni and more. Click here to view the full interview.
If you are looking to apply for the FAFSA or Cal Grants, go to:
Sacramento State will hold its annual College Making It Happen FREE event, celebrating 25 years on Saturday, April 6 from 8 am to 2 pm. There will be workshops for parents and students, meet college admissions counselors, information fair, campus tours. Register online today at

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