Michael Bolton's Detroit Documentary Screens May 15th

American Dream: DetroitSynopsis:  The comeback of Detroit is poised to be the greatest turnaround story of American history. American Dream: Detroit illustrates why the history and the future of Detroit matters in the global landscape. Grammy winning singer Michael Bolton celebrates the golden age of Detroit - featuring its native entertainment legends like Francis Ford Coppola, Jerry Bruckheimer, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, Alice Cooper, John Varvatos and many more - and reveals the landscape of the new Detroit being built by young visionaries as well as entrepreneurial moguls.

Producers: Michael Bolton, Romilda De Luca, Christina Kline, Darren Mann, Brad Rettele

Directors:  Michael Bolton, Christina Kline

Writer:   David Leaf

Cast:  Mitch Alborn, Jerry Bruckheimer, Francis Ford Coppola, Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Shaun Robinson, Smokey Robinson, John Varvatos

In Theaters: May 15, 2018

For more information: http://www.sacculturalhub.com/item/10625-michael-bolton-s-detroit-documentary-screens-may-15-in-sacramento