HUB Review: Brookfield’s Restaurant

HUB Review:  Brookfield’s Restaurant

By Michael P Coleman

Early this morning, I dropped my car off at one of the local Ford dealers for routine service, after having rushed to get there to be first in line.  In doing so, I’d forgotten to grab breakfast before I left home.  Thank God for Brookfield’s Restaurant.

A tabletop sign gave me some history on Brookfield’s, which was founded here in Sacramento in 1981.  They claim to have built their business on the promise of quality food at a reasonable price, delivered to your table quickly by “professional wait staff.”  I’m happy to tell you that Brookfield’s delivered on all of those objectives, and exceeded my expectations for breakfast.

The omelettes — I tried the Denver and the Newport Beach — were large, packed with fresh ingredients, and exceptional.  Each comes with country potatoes and a biscuit, but I swapped out the spuds for the fresh fruit cup, and one of the biscuits for whole wheat toast.  I learned you absolutely cannot go wrong making one of those substitutions.  The toast came to the table with the restaurant’s house-made strawberry preserves, a decadent concoction that had one small drawback:  it didn’t come with an equal sized dollop of peanut butter.  A PB&J with that stuff would be life-changing. 

The Denver Omelette was the best, freshest one I’ve had this side of...Denver, and the Newport Beach Omelette was made with egg whites but didn’t sacrifice flavor at all.  No yoke! 

My one piece of advice would be to eat light, because you’ll want to have dessert once you see the menu.  If fact, you won’t have to wait to see it, as dessert samples greet you in a case at the door, coaxing you ever so gently to toss those health goals to the wayside for an hour or two.  I resisted that temptation, but the brownie and the oatmeal raisin cookie have been calling me since I walked out. 

And if you need another reason to check them out, I can summarize it in two simple words:  bottomless mimosas.  

Brookfield’s has three area locations — Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and Folsom — so one should be easy for you to get to.  And trust me, after one bite you’ll be glad you did.  If you go to the Sacramento location, request Patricia as your server.  You’ll be in very good hands. 

Information on Brookfield’s Restaurant, including their entire menu, is available at brookrest.com

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