Creating Young Artist at Ebony London Art Studio

Creating Young Artist at Ebony London Art Studio
Contributed by Ebony London
"Art has a role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else." -S Clemens
I love this quote! During my childhood and throughout my adult life, art has been my way of understanding myself and expressing myself.
Ebony London Art Studio has created a series of workshops designed for kids and teens who are serious about their art! These workshops are designed for the participants to take their time to plan and design before they create. Keep in mind, there is no age limit regarding who is 'serious about their art.' A child of five years old could be just as serious about drawing unicorns as I am about painting my figures. Also being “serious about their art” is not about creating “good” or “impressive” artwork.
Here are a few ways to tell if your kids and or teens are serious about their art.
  • Their artwork is normally 'better' than anyone else in their age group.
  • They are content, even happy, when left alone to create.
  • They draw Cartoon & Anime characters all the time.
  • They use anything as a canvas to create on.
  • They take inventory and organize their art supplies.
  • They don’t like sharing their art supplies.
  • They spend their allowance & birthday monies on art supplies.
 If the above list describes your kids and/or teens, I encourage you to register them for these workshops. Every child that comes into my studio hears my announcement regarding the quality of artwork created in the studio. "We don't scribble in here. We design and create good, quality artwork." I share my announcement with you because, as the parent and or guardian, I want you to understand that the workshops are very fun but they also encourage a higher level of artistry.
I look forward to creating with your young Artist.
We have several workshops just for kids and teens coming up in March and April at Ebony London Art Studio in Sacramento that include:
Preregistration required – CLICK HERE to preregister now.