Us - A Film…Review? (Spoiler-Free)

Us - A Film…Review? (Spoiler-Free)

By Michael P Coleman

2017’s Get Out was not a fluke. 

Groundbreaking writer and director Jordan Peele has done it again with his new horror film, Us.  He’s the new M. Night Shyamalan.

Us has grossed over $77 million at the box office, having earned $70 million of that during its opening weekend.  In doing so, it’s the most successful opening for a live-action original (non-sequel) story since 2009’s Avatar. 

You’ve come to count on me for spoiler-free movie reviews, and I’m not going to start letting you down now…but DAMN I want to talk about this movie! 

And you will, too. 

Lupita Nyong’o could earn an Oscar nod for her performance, which is complimented by Winston Duke’s.  They lead a stunning cast in a story about coming to terms with,…

DAMN!  I can’t tell you that! 

Us is about a family that’s being terrorized.  And man oh man when you find out the source of that terror, you’ll be thinking — and talking — for weeks. 

I’ll tell you a few things about Us that won’t ruin your viewing experience: 

I may never go to Santa Cruz’ beautiful boardwalk again.  I fell in love with that place soon after I moved to California, almost a decade ago now.  But no, Black Jesus.  No.

Do you remember the old game “Rock / Paper / Scissors?”  I’ll stick to “rock” and “paper,” thank you very much. 

I will never own a rabbit as a pet, and I will certainly never eat rabbit.  I’d starve first. 

I have never been more certain of the duality of our nature as human beings.  Yin and yang.  For every Nelson Mandela, there’s a Donald Trump.  For every Superman, A Lex Luthor.  For every Diana Ross, a Mary Wilson.  (I had to slip that one in, as we celebrate Miss Ross’ 75th birthday this week!)

Go see Us, leave the young kids at home, but go see an early show.  Not so much because you won’t be able to sleep afterward because you’ve been scared to death — and you will be scared to death! — but because your mind will be racing for hours after you walk out. 

Almost 24 hours later, as I write this, mine still is.  Maybe Michael Jackson was wrong about that man in the mirror. 

I can’t wait to see what Peale does next.

Us is in theaters nationwide.

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