9 Things To Do To Reduce Your Anxiety In 30 Days

9 Things To Do To Reduce Your Anxiety In 30 Days Mimage/Shutterstock

Day-to-day life can be seriously anxiety-inducing. Being an adult is a constant grind, and if you have persistent stressful situations, like high-pressure jobs or a precarious work-life balance, you're likely to experience higher levels of anxiety. And handling it isn't, unfortunately, something that can be tackled with a quick fix — slow and steady wins this particular race. But doing these nine things consistently can help reduce anxiety in 30 days, experts tell Bustle, but it does take a bit of work.

Psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Larsen tells Bustle that anxiety "often comes from a sense that whatever comes up in life, the person is incapable of handling it." One of the biggest mistakes you can make about anxiety, she adds, is treating the symptoms — higher pulse rate, frantic breathing, the sensation of being on edge — with techniques like deep breathing or meditation, without addressing the root causes. If you'd like to really lower your anxiety levels over the next 30 days, says Larsen, "it's important to examine the way you think about yourself and how you handle situations in order to have a sustained calmness in the face of stressful events."

Here's a road map to changing your anxiety from overpowering to manageable, in 30 days.

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