Heal Thyself!

Heal Thyself!

by Contributing Writer, Dr. Monica Crooks

We ALL must DO something to heal ourselves and build our own success. Fight for equal justice, but not look to anyone else for our economic security. Healing starts in the mind. Pay attention to the subliminal meaning of the words that are dripped like insidious hypnotic mantras into our subconscious. When awareness dawns; share with others to amplify this long overdue mental cleansing.

Change "Social" Distancing” to "Physical Spacing." We have enough “social” problems. We NEED connection! “Distancing” has negative connotation. “Spacing” is a neutral concept.  We must remain socially connected to one another and make our unity as civil human beings count. Go out of your way to find positive, loving, useful ways to connect every day with others. SPEAK to people! (We tend to hide behind these masks!) SMILE with your eyes. Greet people you encounter and watch how it brightens the aura and often takes people pleasantly by surprise.

The concept of exercising "tolerance" needs to be eliminated. To "tolerate" means "to put up with." The mere word choice connotes arrogance and supremacy. The concept must be "acceptance." We must “accept” ALL humankind, as all have "inherited this earth" by God-given right having been born on this planet.

“Subculture”…is a made-up concept to focus attention on non-existent “differences.” There is only one culture: “American” culture. And to be precise, it is US-Culture, to which ALL the various indigenous peoples / immigrants / transplants / migrants / peoples abducted and brought here by force have fully contributed to. WE all share in common, US/American culture.

“Divide and conquer” is a tactic used historically by Colonial powers to disrupt, break apart, distract, and sew discord between otherwise peaceful, co-existing peoples for the purpose of subjugating, controlling; denigrating; oppressing and stealing the resources of said peoples. Let’s not allow our united American populace to be divided. Every human being wants the same basic things: life, equal justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s it. And if white supremacy continues to be emboldened and grow, then we must remember security in numbers is the way to gain strength and protection. The unity of Black, Latino, Asian and White populations can keep white supremacist terrorism in check.

In conclusion, we must modify our mindset to bring about improvement of our society. Question the terms we are force fed by the propaganda machine. Consider that we may be a highly controlled population. Think for yourself….profoundly and independently!  Research hidden history. Knowledge is power. United we stand and together we can create magnificence! 

Watch “Manipulating the Masses”~ Edward Bernays


Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS

drmonicacrooks@gmail.com | (916) 922-2027