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REVIEW – Sudwerk Brewing & Davis’ Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

By Michael P Coleman

One of the things I love about our area is the variety of things to do, all year. So far, this “year of new” experiment is going very well!

For reasons that I’ll save for the book, last weekend was an almost endless set of contradictions that started with my decision to explore the city of Davis’ annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

The contradiction there? We’re almost a month past peak cherry blossom season, and as such there was nary a cherry blossom in sight.

Well, with the exception of the featured, exquisite cherry blossom ice cream. The vendor told me that it had to be imported each year, from China. If given the opportunity, indulge. It’s amazing!

In all fairness, the Davis Cherry Blossom Festival was billed as a celebration of cultural diversity, and not tied to cherry blossoms per se. In fact, most of the festival’s highlights centered not around cherries but around the host of other food options available along with some great, family-friendly entertainment.

The event was held in Sudwerk Brewing’s parking lot and surrounding areas, and in addition to food vendors (the chicken dumplings were the stars there), Sudwerk offered BBW wings that gloriously straddled the line between spicy and hot, and a puffy, toasty, warm pretzel with cheese sauce that ensured that the drinks kept flowing.

Courtesy photo by Coleman Communications
Courtesy photo by Coleman Communications

There was great entertainment, too, with a variety of predominantly asian-inspired music and dance performers on two stages all afternoon.

Courtesy photo by Coleman Communications
Courtesy photo by Coleman Communications

All in all, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Davis, while being devoid of actual cherry blossoms, was a hit! Add it to your list for next year!

Sudwerk Brewing is at 2001 2nd Street in Davis. 530-756-2739

Michael P Coleman is a freelance writer, A/V producer, and event host. Connect with him at


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