Even if you have heard how good mindfulness is for your health, it can still be difficult to make it a regular part of your life, especially when we have lots of things pulling us in all different directions. When we are really busy, pressing the pause button can almost feel like a waste of time. For kids with lots of energy (i.e. most kids), getting them to slow down and take some time to reflect can be particularly challenging.

Through my work as a licensed clinician, I have come across many little ones who really struggle with the mere concept of slowing down and tuning in. Finding calm and managing emotions can be hard because there is just so much to do, it’s all so exciting, and it feels so urgent. Tuning in is hard, especially because nowadays we are presented with so many external distractions, so it’s hard to focus our attention inward. Sometimes the best you can get is a few seconds of a silly pause, just before going back to full throttle.

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