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A Ohio family is reminding people to stay home when they don’t feel well after their grandmother contracted COVID-19 while playing cards with friends—including one attendee who hid the fact that they had COVID-19. The grandmother, 82-year-old Barbara Bartolovich, later died from the virus.

Bartolovich’s granddaughter Lauren Nash told ABC‘s Detroit affiliate WXYZ that her grandmother took a lot of precautions during the pandemic, including getting vaccinated and only socializing with people who were also being safe about COVID.

Nash said that Bartolovich decided to go to a card game with friends, but only after making sure that everyone who would be there was vaccinated. But one card player had tested positive for COVID-19 and didn’t tell anyone.

“Somebody decided that testing positive for COVID is something they can hide,” Nash said. “The only way we found out is that the person owned up after Nana got sick.”

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