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When you take a look the ingredients that rev up your metabolism, a few stand out. Namely, fiber (particularly from “real” foods like fruits and veggies) and iodine-rich options like seaweed. For every metabolic superhero, though, there’s an alternative eat out there that works the opposite way, sabotaging your body’s calorie-burning prowess.

“The two things that are predominantly in control of your metabolism are your endocrine system and your hormone balance,” says The Biggest Loser‘s Jillian Michaels. Thus, when you chow down on something that disturbs these things, your metabolism gets thrown for a loop, too.

You may have already guessed some of the nutritional villains that Michaels names as the worst for your metabolism—cough, sugar, cough—but below you’ll get the full scoop from the celeb coach herself, with a bit of added insight from nutrition experts.

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