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As the daughter of an astrologer, I grew up learning about the lessons we can find in the skies above us. Though I’m not sure how much of it I prescribe to, I do find it interesting, and at times, an eerily accurate depiction of my life. While living in New York, I visited a psychic for a story I was writing many years ago. He not only curiously described my great grandmother, Elizabeth, who he said was my guardian angel, but he also correctly predicted the first letter of my now-fiance’s name — and even what he was wearing on our very first date. 

Psychics have long been a debated topic, with many investing in their supernatural powers and others rolling their eyes in doubting disapproval. While there is no way to prove fortune-tellers exist, it can be exciting and perhaps an eye-opening experience to learn their insights. Since so much of the travel industry is out of our control during the pandemic, we thought it would be fun to hear from psychics and mediums about what they foresee in the next lap around the sun. Below, they share their predictions.

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