Photo ABC News Screenshot
Photo ABC News Screenshot

For families that have been stuck at home for the better part of the year, a holiday season without a holiday trip wasn’t on the wish list.

On the heels of post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 surges, the CDC has renewed its advice against unnecessary travel and gatherings—meaning that, for many, holiday trips to islands and ski slopes will be on hold.

But that doesn’t mean global adventures are off limits. To experts who research the emotional well-being of families, opportunity and a sense of optimism are the best gifts a parent can give this holiday season.

“While we can’t always control our situation, we can always control our attitude about our situation,” says family counselor Alyson Schafer. “The best thing a parent can do is set a tone of positivity. Optimism is contagious. It tells kids that happiness comes more from within and less from external circumstances.”

Where do you find that optimism? Just reach into your dusty backpack and pull out some of your travel tricks. Here are secrets from the travel world that will help you navigate the holidays.

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