Photo by Mario Tama / Getty Images
Photo by Mario Tama / Getty Images

For travelers who normally fret about forgetting passports, shaving kits or clean underwear, there is a whole new set of concerns as they prepare to hit the road again after being housebound amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With stay-at-home orders being lifted, those who travel frequently for business or pleasure are mapping their own strategies on items and procedures they’ll need to stay safe at airports, on planes, in hotels or just trying to get from place to place.

“We never thought about everything we touch from the time we leave our home,” says Peter Greenberg, travel editor on “CBS This Morning” and host of the “Travel Detective” series on PBS.

As one who has logged hundreds of thousands of miles on assignment, Greenberg doesn’t plan to go to absurd lengths to avoid the virus (“I refuse to turn myself into a hazmat suit”), but he says he has a number of ideas that should help minimize the risk.

Besides having a mask, he says he plans to fastidiously wear gloves when traveling. On planes, he says he will bring his own bottled water to minimize contact with the flight attendant. In hotel rooms, he says he will ditch the bedspread and run the drinking glasses under hot water for more than two minutes to sanitize them.

Greenberg considers those to be common-sense precautions. “After that, I go with God,” he says.

It’s not just travel experts like Greenberg. Regular travelers, some of them constantly on the road and others now retired looking forward to leisure trips, answered our call to offer their own travel tips that go beyond the basics.

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