OPEN ENROLLMENT for Covered California begins November 1, 2017 thru January 31, 2018. If you are living in the Greater Sacramento Valley Region and need to sign up for health insurance coverage, you can make an appointment by contacting a Certified Enrollment Counselor with 1Solution (offering free pre/post enrollment support and outreach/education of qualified health plans through the Covered California Benefit Exchange) at (916) 689-1978 and 1Solution is available for walk-ins as well – located at 8376 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95828.  

Cares Community Health is also available to help you enroll or renew your health insurance with Covered California or for Medi-Cal.  Call (916) 914-6391 to make an appointment and is located at 1500 21st Street in Sacramento, CA 95811.

Be sure to stay in the know with us as we will post and keep track of major breaking news, upcoming events, and updates regarding affordable health care insurance.  For more information about Covered California go to: www.coveredca.cov.

Announcements and Press Releases

10.31.17 IMPORTANT Covered California Health Care Updates – Oct. 31, 2017

11.3.16  Covered California to Launch Open Enrollment Tuesday for Health Coverage in 2017         

3.9.16  New Analysis Urges Shift to Patient-Centered Benefit Designs to Cut Costs and Help Consumers Get Care         

2.6.16  Covered California Finishes Open Enrollment Strong With More Than 425,000 New Consumers And An Increase In Young Enrollees         

12.14.15 Covered California Enrollment Exceeds 140,000 as Critical Deadline for Coverage Approaches

11.6.2015 California Health Insurance Exchange Marketing Takes off on Bus Tour

7.2.15 Covered California Announces New Contracts for Marketing and Public Relations

6.25.15 Covered California Executive Director Peter V Lee Applauds Ruling by US Supreme Court as “Common Sense”

5.21.15 Covered California has servied 1.8 million consumers since it began offering coverage in 2014

2.17.15 Covered California Extends Enrollment Deadline to Sunday, Feb. 22nd

12.12.14 Arden Fair Mall Joins the Obama Administration to Promote Health Insurance

11.15.14 Open Enrollment Starts for Obamacare’s Second Year – 1Solution & Sac Cultural Hub partner to enroll more minorities

10.16.14 African American Women Owned Businesses Partner with Covered California to Increase Enrollment for Affordable Health Care

10.2.14 One year ago, a new era of health care began in California and across the nation

9.19.14 Covered Calilforia Announces Insurance Plans for Small Businesses in 2015

9.17.14 Revamped Covered California Campaign Seeks Greater Minority Enrollment

9.15.14 Covered California Announces Community Outreach Campaign for 2015

8.25.14 Get to know the FACTS about Covered California for 2015 coverage

8.21.14 Covered California Plans to Offer Expanded Dental Services for Children and New Coverage for Adults

7.31.14 Covered California Announces Rates for 2015; Rigorous Negotiations with Health Insurance Companies Keep Rate Increases Low and Choices Robust

4.17.14 Covered California’s Historic First Open Enrollment Finishes With Projections Exceeded; Agents, Counselors, Community Organizations And County Workers Credited As Reason For High Enrollment In California

 4.3.14 Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee Testifies Before Congressional Committees and Announces Huge Gains in Health Insurance Enrollment

3.17.14 Peter’s Blog on the Final Countdown

3.17.14 With Obamacare, sign-ups among blacks still too low in California

3.17.14 Sacramento Region Enrollment Figures Through February 28

3.17.14 Covered California Reaches 1 Million Milestone

3.13.14 Covered California Begins Countdown to Final Days to Enroll in Health Plans

3.6.14 Covered California’s March Madness Enrollment Madness

2.12.14 Covered California Suspends Small-Business Online Enrollment to Implement Improvements

2.10.14 Covered California Makes Substantial Upgrades and Increases Staffing to Improve Customer Service

1.21.14 Covered California Enrollment Numbers Through December 2013

1.7.14 Covered California Releases Statistics for its Health Insurance Marketplace for Week Ending January 4th

12.31.13 Covered California’s Executive Director: History, Thanks and Making Dreams Come True

12.20.13 An Important Message from Covered California

12.17.13 Covered California Expands Service Center Hours and Highlights Key Enrollment Dates

12.12.13 Covered California and Department of Health Care Services Release November Statistics in Health Insurance Marketplace

12.11.13 Covered California Unveils Robust Network Coverage for 2014

12.10.13 Covered California Launches Holiday Campaign Encouraging Family Members to Give the Gift of Healthcare

12.09.13 Covered California’s Executive Director: Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

12.04.13 Local Libraries Open Doors to Communities for Covered California Enrollment

12.03.13 Covered California Releases Statistics for its Health Insurance Marketplace for Week Ending Nov. 30

12.03.13 Covered California Reaches out to Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender Consumers on Billboards, Print Ads

12.03.13 Remarks by the President on the Affordable Care Act

12.02.13 Covered California Launches Self-Service Website for the Small Business Health Options Program

11.25.2013 Wondering what Obamacare means for someone with HIV?

11.21.2013 Rate of Applications Completed Nearly Doubles – Covered California Taking in 10 Thousand Per Day

11.21.2013 Covered California Upholds Original Deadline for Ending Health Plans that don’t Meet Law’s Standards

11.15.13 Covered California to Get Improved Online Enrollment

11.14.2013 FACT SHEET: New Administration Proposal to Help Consumers Facing Cancellations

11.14.2013 Enrollment Stats for the Month of October 2013

10.31.2013 Covered California – Peter’s Blog: Fulfilling the Dream and Answering Prayers

10.30.2013 Enrollment Stats Covered California, Week 4

10.28.2013 Enrollment Dates extended: Another Way the Affordable Care Act is Still Working to Help All Americans

10.8.2013 Week One Statistics for Health Insurance Open Enrollment

10.1.2013 Covered California is Open for Business

09.16.2013 Covered California Finalizes Contracts for Children’s Dental Plans in 2014

07.09.2013 New Website Launched: recently launched their new, consumer-focused website and an always-accessible (24/7) call center. The new website and toll-free number share one mission: to make sure all Americans who need health coverage have the information they need to make the right choices for themselves—as well as their businesses or families. Make sure you have the coverage you need to help prevent or manage diabetes. Read more.

05.28.2013 Calif’s Health Insurance Exchange Sets Plans, Premiums; No ‘Rate Shock’

 05.14.2013 California’s Health Insurance Exchange Builds Critical Outreach Network

 05.14.2013 Covered California awards community organizations $37 million in grants for outreach and education