The Media Company serves as #1 grassroots multi-media organization in Northern California and is the most popular resource in the African American/Urban communities for networking of businesses, non-profit organizations, community resources, entertainment, places to go and people to meet.


INTERNET…365-days, 24-7: The website is the #1 premiere and leading source for urban entertainment news, community events and outreach opportunities in Northern California.  The website launched in March 2002 providing an internet platform of a variety of multicultural events, job announcements, political updates, career profiles, weekly e-newsletter, professional business services, community resources, educational opportunities and advertising services.  The website also hosts a photo gallery of Northern California residents, visitors, and celebrities.  The website currently receives over 2 million national hits each month with over 20,000 unique visitors each month.


SPECIAL EDITION PRINT ISSUES: THE HUB: Urban Entertainment & Lifestyle Magazine which is published quarterly informs and caters to affluent urban professionals, working class families and the underserved areas of African American and mainstream communities. Our mission is to promote individuals for their contributions in the community.  We publish true stories that inspire hope and encourage individuals to think for themselves as well as pursue their goals and dreams. Our goal is to improve the welfare of health and wealth in the African American/urban community.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Annual signature events and activities are held under the auspices of the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation. Event programs that are held in partnership with non profit organizations, corporations and businesses are designed to  improve health care, increase wealth, promote higher education, further diversity, and enhance entrepreneurship/business opportunities in the African American/urban communities.

Our mission is to provide exciting and non-traditional vehicles of engagement where businesses and non profit organizations can display services and products, share their mission, as well as provide public service information to educate and inspire the urban community.  Our primary goal is to inform, educate, empower, and inspire African American/urban professionals and their families to thrive and succeed in life.


Learn more about the background of the Founder of, Pleshette Robertson