The Sacramento Black Media Coalition (SBMC) is a collaboration that seeks to provide a well coordinated
and comprehensive approach in utilizing black media outlets to educate and engage African
Americans. Each partner has a history serving the community of the Greater Sacramento Valley Region and beyond.

California Black Chamber Foundation – KDEE 97.5 Radio
97.5 FM KDEE is owned and Operated by The California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The
California Black Chamber of Commerce is the largest African American non-profit business organization
representing hundreds of small and emerging businesses, affiliates and chambers of commerce
throughout the state. The goal of the Foundation is to build better communities by revitalizing the African
American ‘can do’ spirit through activities and objectives that confront the challenges in African American
communities. The Foundation utilizes the radio station to share messages and information through ads,
talk shows, and music. KDEE is a community station broadcasting content that is popular and relevant to
a local, specific audience but is often overlooked by commercial or mass-media broadcasters. It is a
volunteer-powered and listener supported station providing the community with views on public affairs,
consumer education, financial literacy, economic development, news for small business entrepreneurs,
and youth programming. The founders of the station set out to expand the ears of the public and KDEE
97.5 continues to work hard to keep this legacy alive. Visit

Neighborhood Innovations
Neighborhood Innovations works to connect power to the people by bridging resources to help
individuals, families and neighbors utilizing strategies that enhance, develop and design programs for
the African American community. Current programs focus on public relations, non-profit capacity
building, wealth building, neighborhood association strategies, and connecting with faith groups and
organizations to help them grown and do more good for the community. Visit

Sac Cultural Hub Media Company
Sac Cultural Hub Media Company (SCH) is a leading source of digital and print media in no. California
ensuring communities of color across all ages receive a trusted and consistent flow of information on
black-oriented issues, community news, employment opportunities, health, and other cultural issues to
aid them in daily life. The SCH serves as #1 grassroots multi-media organization in Northern California
and is the most popular resource in the African American/Urban communities for networking of
businesses, non-profit organizations, community resources, and entertainment. Our primary goal is to
inform, educate, empower, and inspire African American/urban professionals and their families to thrive
and make informed decisions to succeed in life. SCH shares national to local real life stories and
connects with the community through, HUB Magazine, Urban Weekly e-news,
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, events, and soon a SacHub mobile app. For 18 years we’ve
built connections with community and civic leaders, employers, health professionals and business to
strengthen the community and broaden access to important information for everyone. Visit

Sacramento Observer
The Sacramento Observer is one of the leading African American newspapers in America. It was started
in 1962 by Dr. William Hanford Lee with the sole mission to inform the community. The weekly, award winning
print publication is recognized around the world as a leading source for news affecting the Black
community. Visit