The Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation (SCHMF) believes in building a strong community of leaders by EDUCATING, PROMOTING, and INSPIRING individuals to pursue their personal, academic, and business goals. SCHMF has implemented several projects that empower women and urban communities to improve their health, education, diversity, leadership, wealth, and business skills.

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Through ongoing message placement on the web site, articles online and in print publications, eblasts, events, and educational forums, Sac Cultural Hub engages families across generations to strengthen their knowledge, skills and quality of life. Our programs have touched thousands of persons with helping 800 people gain health insurance and provided education on health care, the wealth gap, and empowering women to succeed (recognizing over 200 women with awards). 

Located in the state capital, Sac Cultural Hub has a well positioned view of the political, economic, and social climate in which African Americans live, work, and play. We have reached over 75,000 with marketing to inspire dialogue on important community issues. Our annual youth summits have included creating a positive space for youth to discuss how, why, and where to share their voices in media and the importance of creating a personal brand that authentically represents them. 

SCHMF’s primary goal is to motivate and empower African American professionals, communities, and youth to thrive and succeed in life.  Our programs are designed to increase information, positive role models, and empower community members to improve the quality of life of these communities. The descriptions below outline each program and its overall purpose:

Exceptional Women of Color Conference

Exceptional Women of Color (EWOC) program (started 2008) is an annual program that provides an educational and empowerment platform that recognizes women throughout Northern California for accomplishments in their community and professional affiliations.The EWOC program hosts a distinguished celebrity keynote speaker, exhibitors, special guest speakers who exchange ideas, provide mentorship and resources for the attendees. The individuals who are honored in the EWOC ceremony are women of color who commonly go unrecognized for their endeavors. Click here to see more from last year’s EWOC Awards program.

Young Women's Summit (YWS) and Y-EWOC Scholarship Competition

Young Women’s Summit (YWS) and the Young Exceptional Women of Color (Y-EWOC) Scholarship Competition is an annual program that takes place simultaneously within the EWOC Program. Today’s young women are tomorrow’s leaders and business owners and we invite ages 8-21 to participate in  discussions and workshops on what topics are important to them right now and what they need to realize their full potential in the future. >> Learn More

Youth Voice Expression

“Promoting Community Health Through Youth Voice and Expression” project (funded by the California Endowment in 2016) to train a cohort of high school-aged young women of color (participating in the Girls on the Rise program) in Sacramento to use print and social media to promote health, well-being and positive change in their communities.  SCHMF presented and conducted a series of classes with Girls on the Rise that discussed: social media writing process; how to find your voice; personal profile and your carbon footprint; establishing your brand; how to share your story; citation generation; tactful opinion sharing – personal, professional and politically.

Northern California Black Physicians Forum

The annual Northern California Black Physicians Forum (began in 2010) provides a networking forum and educational workshops about preventive and proactive measures to be taken in medical and health issues related to the needs of African American families. Community activities are developed to promote healthy living and improve the overall quality of life for African Americans and medically underserved people in Northern California. >>read more.

BPF Medical Student Scholarship Program

Black Physicians Forum (BPF) Medical Student Scholarship Program is an annual program. Although many African American students have the desire to become physicians, they often meet financial road blocks that prevent them from reaching their goals to become medical professionals. Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation, members of the BPF Advisory Board, and sponsor partners believe that providing scholarships to medical students is crucial to assist students in meeting financial needs and supporting our community in developing future physicians who can provide culturally competent healthcare services in populations with the most need. To learn more about BPF scholarship opportunities, CLICK HERE.

Loving Brown Babies

The Loving Brown Babies (LBB) is a social media campaign is focused on highlighting and engaging families around the pleasures of family, babies, motherhood, fatherhood, and communities raising African American children. The LBB campaign is a part of the efforts led by the Steering Committee on Reduction for African American Child Deaths (RAACD) – Black Child Legacy Campaign (BCLC) which began in Spring of 2016. The aim of the RAACD is to reduce African American child deaths in the greater Sacramento region by addressing four critical issue areas for black mothers, fathers, and communities.  For more info about the LBB/BCLC, go to:

Sacramento Community Book Discussion sponsored by UCD OCCR

Sacramento Community Book Discussion hosted annually by the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation (began in 2010) in partnership with the UC Davis Office of Campus Community (OCCR). Residents and visitors of the community are invited to attend for Q&A and leaders from the community and participate in panel discussions about the UC Davis Campus Community Book Project (CCBP)

Hub Choice Awards

Community Awards Show Program: is recognized as “The HUB”, which is the Home for Urban Blacks – representing three major facets of entertainment, news and vital resource information for African Americans in the greater Sacramento Valley. Hub Choice Awards held in December 2007 was the special inaugural event to honor those influential and important leaders whose efforts are projecting a positive view of our culture. See more info about the Hub Choice Awards. >>read more

SCHMF - CBHN Covered California Collaboration

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act implemented through Covered California in the Golden State has been thriving with services to educate and enroll consumers in health plans with initial enrollment starting in Fall 2013. Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation in partnership with the California Black Health Network (CBHN) Covered CA Collaboration participated in outreach and enrollment for thousands of residents in the Greater Sacramento Valley Region from Fall 2013 through Summer 2016. For updates with Covered California, go to 

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Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation will enter its 7th year of participating in the annual Big Day of Giving (BDoG) – the Sacamento region’s 24-hour giving challenge and year-long capcity building program for local nonprofits.  WE APPRECIATE all of our new donors and returning loyal donors committed to supporting our mission and programs!  BDoG 2020 will take place on Thursday, May 6, 2021. CLICK HERE to make your advance donation in support of Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation.

Sistahs SAVING Sistahs Transportation HUB

Sistahs SAVING Sistahs (1 year program started 2017) was created as one of Sac Hub’s newest programs working with Susan G. Komen Sacramento Valley to support African American women with breast-self care awareness and providing patient navigation, transportation & companion support for those undergoing cancer treatment.

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