Sac Cultural Hub is expanding its reach to educate its users and readers on the new developments and current news in the cultural arts and entertainment community by providing an extensive resource of information of what’s happening on the forefront in the Greater Sacramento Valley Region. Our 2010 Arts Intiative has been established to include: breaking news about Mayor Kevin Johnson’s Arts Initiative – “For Art’s Sake”. Our primary goal is to connect ALL residents and visitors of the capital city to a wide variety of events, cultural arts, and entertainment. As documented in TIME magazine, “Sacramento is the most culturally diverse city!”

We encourage you to stay-up-to-date with “For Art’s Sake Sacramento” as the next meeting date is on Thursday, December 10 at the Sojourner Truth Cultural Arts Museum (Shonna McDaniels at 916-271-8855) located at 2251 Florin Road, #126 in South Sacramento.

Join Sac Cultural Hub in its “2010 Arts Intiative” to Expand Your Territories with an Exploration of the Cultural Arts of Sacramento. There is a huge diverse mix of activities and events in the Arts community of the Greater Sacramento Valley Region that make it the world class city of excitement, fun and entertainment for all nationalities of men, women, and children. Whether you are an adult, married or single with or without children, Sacramento is the Cultural Mecca for things to do, people to meet and places to go for arts and urban entertainment.

Our 2010 Arts Initiative will include an enhancement of our initial mission whereas Sac Cultural Hub has and will continue to place emphasis at the grassroots of spotlighting the unrecognized urban events and unsung heroes in the African American community who are deserving for their contributions and efforts towards collaboration on activities that increase empowerment and awareness in business, entrepreneurship, arts and theatre, music, job development, career advancement, higher education, homeownership, and affordable healthcare.

Bookmark this page so that you stay informed and connected to the excitement of EVERYTHING HAPPENING in the world of cultural arts and entertainment in Sacramento.

STAY-IN-THE-KNOW with these CALENDARS OF EVENTS: Experience the cultural diversity of Sacramento with a variety of things to do, places to go, and people to meet in Sacramento.







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