8th Annual Sac Valley AIDS Run/Walk

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Sac Valley AIDS Run/Walk - Sunday, September 14

Register now for the 8th Annual Sac Valley Aids Run Walk.  Taking place on Sun-9/14.  Starting at the West steps of the Capitol (10th Street between L & N Streets).  For more info call (916) 448-1110 or visit www.sacvalleyaidsrunwalk.org.

WHY PARTICIPATE!  HIV/AIDS has disproportionately impacting our community since the beginning of the epidemic. We account for more HIV and AIDS cases, people estimated to be living with AIDS, and HIV-related deaths than any other racial/ethnic group in the U.S. Other recent statistics suggest:

50% of all new AIDS diagnosis are African American (when we should only be 12%)

68% of the new AIDS cases among women are African American women

69% of new AIDS cases reported among teens are African American teens (when they should only be 16%)

Golden Rule Services is raising funds for this year’s AIDS walk. The money raised will help continue our HIV prevention services including free HIV prevention workshops, street outreach and HIV testing.




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