A FaniBro Is Born! Concert Review: Barry Manilow at Sleep Train Arena

by Michael P. Coleman

We all know it’s hard out there for a pimp.  Trust me:  it’s been even harder for a pimp who loves Barry Manilow. 

As this is a concert review and not a therapy session, I won’t go on about how tough it was growing up in Detroit and singing “Mandy”as I walked to school.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Even here in California, I have turned the radio off at a traffic light so the trucker next to me wouldn’t see me bopping around my convertible to “Copacabana”. 

But after last night at Sleep Train Arena, my love for all things Manilow is out of the closet.  I even have a name for my new identity.  As a black, dreadlocked man, I’m now and forever a FaniBro!

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Barry Manilow’s “One Last Time” tour continues through June 17th.  Information is available at barrymanilow.com


Michael P. Coleman, professional FaniBro, is a Sacramento-based freelance writer.  Tweet him with the hashtag #FaniBro at @ColemanMichaelP and connect with him at michaelpcoleman or mikelsmindseye@me.com.