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Tree of Hope Funding

Do you have a business idea that will positively impact African Americans? Tree of Hope Funding (TOHF) would like to know about it. We are looking for quality people to assist in turning their dreams into reality. Visit www.treeofhopefunding.com to learn more about their great business programs.

Here are some of the highlights on how we help people:

  • Potential clients submit a business plan to be reviewed by a TOHF team. If it is an idea we want to know more about, they will be asked to come in for a panel interview.
  • If the decision is to invest in a person, we will sign a five-year service agreement with them. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) half of all businesses fail in the first five years. It is critical that we support clients during these formative years.
  • Our commitment is to provide professional small business training and sufficient funding according to an action plan that will be developed jointly by our experts and clients.
  • Our funding provides interest free loans coupled with free business training. The interest payments on loans often cripple businesses during their vulnerable stages of infancy. See our vision for more information.
  • Once the action plan has been established, TOHF begins funding the business in stages. A client must meet all the benchmarks for one stage to be funded for the next.
  • The action plan is constantly updated and the training is ongoing during our five- year relationship.
  • After five years, our client is ready to branch off without us. They walk away from us with a strong and vibrant business in place.


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