BeBe Winans EXCLUSIVELY Talks About His New Autobiographical Play, Black Lives Matter, Standards Album

“I’m not worried about the church being mad at me.” 

by Michael P Coleman

Gospel legend BeBe Winans has never cared what people — including the church — thought about him, his artistry, or his ministry. 

“I was never afraid — and to this day, I’m never afraid to try something new or to go where I believe I need to go,” Winans told me when I sat down with him recently.   “I’ve never been afraid of what people thought.  I’ve never been driven by success.  I enjoy it, but that’s not my driving force.  I need to tell the story of where I am.”

Having just seen the BMI Trailblazers tribute to BeBe & Cece on TVOne, I started my conversation with Winans by thanking him for music that had helped me through some very difficult times.   

“That means a lot,” the 53 year old legend warmly shared.  “People ask why I do what I do, and what you just said is the reason why I do what I do.  What you heard on your end is the same thing I experienced on my end before it came to you.  I learned early on to not be afraid to let people know me through my songwriting.” 

BeBe and I talked about some of the highlights of his phenomenal career, his upcoming autobiographical play Born For This: The BeBe Winans Story, his upcoming single entitled “Black Lives Matter”, and his forthcoming album of classics from the Great American Songbook, including “My Way”, “Mona Lisa”, and “Moon River.”  Click here to read the full article.