City-Wide Black Graduation Celebration in Sacramento

Black Youth Leadership Project (BYLP) in partnership with BOSS CARES presents “CITY-WIDE Black Graduation Celebration” for the high school class of 2019 in Sacramento.

Taking place on Sun-6/23 from 4 pm to 6 pm at BOSS Church located at 6524 44th Street, Suite 208 in Sacramento.

Black Graduation

There is no fee to register or participate!
Register & RSVP online now at:
Awards, certificates, scholarships, and other recognitions by community groups will be presented.

Why the City-Wide Black Graduation Celebration for the high school class of 2019 in Sacramento? In 2018, BYLP established an advocacy arm to help families address a myriad of issues that resulted in unfair suspensions, expulsions and arrests of Black students across school campuses. Many of these students were prevented from participating in their high school commencement ceremonies.  A Black Graduation Celebration validates the Black student’s accomplishments, presents them before the community to be acknowledged for their perseverance and allows the community to come together in a display of love, unity and support. Our graduation ceremony may be the only graduation that some of our students will participate in or be recognized for this important milestone. All are welcome.

SPREAD THE WORD! Share with your networks! Bring your entire family and friends and feel free to wear your Kinte cloths

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