Fashion Show Benefit – Haiti Relief

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Faces by Shae hosting "SLAM" Launch Party & Fashion Show

Fashion Show Benefit – Haiti Relief featuring Faces by Shae Express Beauty Bar. 
Taking place on Sat-5/1 at the 711 J Street inside Studio 33 in Downton Sacramento.

Who is the Founder of “Faces by Shae”? Shanteria Wheeler known as the Glam Guru who is a successful 24 year old entrepreneur and just spotlighted as one of 30 under 30 African American young achievers at the 2010 Sacramento Black Expo and featured in the Sacramento Observer Newspapers. From a young girl, Shae always knew she wanted a career in the fashion and makeup industry. She knew this because her mother was an avid entrepreneur of many beauty products like Avon, and Mary Kay. Shae said I still remember the smell of my mother’s makeup drawer. Sneaking in her room playing in all the makeup, lotions, and creams on her vanity. I also remember she came home early and she caught me with rouge and lipstick on my face and asked me, were you in my makeup? Trying to lie I said no….little did I know I still had the makeup on! This was the beginning of an obsession and passion for Shae.

Shae’s makeup and fashion eye came from the many hours of watching MTV, Style, and her favorite show “How do I look?” displaying transformations on drab to fab makeovers. This led to Shae attending beauty school to become a nail technician. After getting her license she still had the drive to be more involved in her obsession. She decided to go to the best Esthetics school in Sacramento; Federico Beauty Institute. She put herself through school while running her own Mobile Manicurist business by doing pamper parties throughout Sacramento and the Bay Area. Shae then received her Esthetics license and she realized she needed to focus on her true passion which was skin care and makeup artistry. By perfecting her skills she created express, yet luxury beauty services to change ones look from Plain to Polished in 30 min or less. This was the launch of Faces by Shae in March 2009. Now Faces by Shae has partnered with G Bella Salon. They are the hottest new duo in Sacramento providing the latest in makeup and hair design, located in Loehmann’s plaza.

Sac Hub’s Interview with the founder, Shanteria Wheeler, of “Faces by Shae”:

Sac Hub: What high school did you graduate from?
Shanteria: Hiram W. Johnson High School – Corporate Academy.

Sac Hub: Where were you born and raised?
Shanteria: I was born in Troy, Alabama and raised in the bay area of California.

Sac Hub: Who are some people that you admire or look up to in the fashion industry?

Shanteria: Alexander McQueen, loved his originality. May he rest in peace.

Sac Hub: Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?
Shanteria: 5 yrs from now I see Faces by Shae becoming a household name and the beauty bar taking off….And 10 yrs from now I definitely see myself traveling and Faces by Shae becoming a Franchise.

Sac Hub: Who has been your mentor and why?
Shanteria: That’s easy! First and for most my mother Priscilla Wheeler, She has been a major networker and savvy business women since I can remember. I have learned from her to don’t take no for an answer, be your own boss, and to treat people they way you want to be treated… even though some people still don’t get that concept LOL. And another amazing woman is Shawn L. Brown the Hair Doctor; I admired her strength and tenacity! She taught me to be a doctor of your craft, and to keep going even through adversity.

Sac Hub: What advice would you give young entrepreneurs on pursuing their dreams?
Shanteria: “Your ambition in life is driven by your passion, find your passion you find your purpose”. –Shae Wheeler
This means to find your passion in whatever you do, because when you find it, it’s easier to keep going. So never give up until you win!

Sac Hub: Have you thought about entering any reality shows?
Shanteria: Hahaha I have! I submitted a video to Oxygen “Dance your ass off” Show. It’s like Dancing with the Star meets Biggest Loser! I Llve that show.

Sac Hub: 3 words that best describe you?
Shanteria: “Smart, Luxurious, and Ambitious”… I believe this because I like to work smarter not harder, loves the finer things in life, and know what I want out of life. These characteristics have been the driving force in the creation of the “Faces by Shae” brand.

Sac Hub: Tell us some of the challenges you’ve faced and how you overcame them:
Shanteria: I never have too many challenges because I was always taught to always have a plan B.

Sac Hub: Are you using social media to promote your project (Facebook or Twitter or MySpace)?
Shanteria: Yes Facebook and some MySpace, but I am still trying to figure out that Twitter stuff…..LOL

Sac Hub: Tells us something no one knows about you:
Shanteria: I used to be in pageants when I was a kid… Royalty Miss 3 time winner and miss congeniality and miss photogenic.

Sac Hub: In your own words define fashion and makeup and why you think women need it or how it helps women?
Shanteria: Fashion and makeup as a whole should enhance a woman natural beauty. And why they need it… Well from an Esthetician standpoint, women need good skin care in order for the makeup to look flawless. And how it helps women is by feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin.

Sac Hub: Hollywood icon you admire for his or her onstage and/or red carpet fashion presence/statement:
Shanteria: Of course Rihanna because she’s original, bold, and doesn’t care what people think! She’s a breath of fresh air. You kind of get tired of the cookie cutter look of what Hollywood Glamour is supposed to look like. Be different be daring!

Sac Hub: Tell us what inspired you to create the specific line of cosmetics of “SLAM Couture”:
Shanteria: Well I was the inspiration….SLAM originally stood for “Shae Loves Awesome Makeup” but I wanted it to describe an overall look and how women should feel so SLAM means “Smart, Luxurious, Ambitious, Makeup”.

Sac Hub: How can ladies expect to feel and look when wearing “SLAM Couture” and is there a particular age group you are targeting with your line of cosmetics?

Shanteria: You should feel Smart, Luxurious, and Ambitious… No SLAM Couture is for everyone it’s “Where Urban Chic meets Glamour.”

Fashion Show Benefit – Haiti Relief

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