Fight Flavored Tobacco California

It’s time for California’s lawmakers to be heroes for our next generation by ending the sale of flavored tobacco products

The landmark legislation to end the sale of flavored tobacco products in California, which are shamelessly marketed to youth, is close to crossing the finish line. SB 793, authored by Senator Jerry Hill (San Mateo), faces two more hurdles before the end of this legislative session on August 31st. We have come too far to fail now – lives depend on it.

In the words of SixFootah the Poet “123 lives a day. How many more black lives have to die before lawmakers say enough is enough.”

The facts are clear – e-cigarettes are fueling a growing youth epidemic of unparalleled proportion – and we must take action now to protect California’s next generation. 

The Facts

  • E-cigarettes now come in over 15,000 flavors, like gummy worm, mint, cotton candy and mango, with more added every month. 
  • Thanks to these candy flavors, e-cigarette use among teens has skyrocketed by 135% in the past two years. 
  • Menthol flavored cigarettes are the tobacco industry’s main tool to target youth smokers. Over half (54 %) of all youth smokers ages 12-17 use menthol cigarettes. 
  • Targeted marketing to the African American community results in an even higher percentage (70%) of youth smokers using menthol.

The facts are stark, but the upside is California lawmakers have a real opportunity to be heroes for all of California’s kids and break the cycle by getting these dangerous, highly addictive products off of the shelves.   

It’s time for California to once again be a national leader and protect the health of our kids by ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products in our state. Please take action here and tell your lawmakers to fight back against the tobacco industry. They have killed enough.