Free NID Housing Counseling Services

Are you a FRUSTRATED Homeowner facing mortgage trouble? Let us provide you with one-on-one counseling services.

FREE Housing and Legal Counseling for Homeowners is now available. Contact us today for an appointment if you are having difficulty refinancing and/or maintaining your monthly mortgage payment due to: property value decline/can’t refinance; increased mortgage payment; loss of income/job; foreclosure; situation beyond your control; adjustable rate mortgage; or bankruptcy. WE HELP DISCOVER SOLUTIONS!

REGISTER NOW online at:
When you register online, you will receive a follow-up call
within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

Our office, NID Sacramento Cunseling Agency is located at 8211 Bruceville Road, Suite 145 in Sacramento. Call us now at (916) 897-8610 for questions and/or to make an appointment. When you register online, you will receive a follow-up call within 24 hours.

Come prepared with the following documents (2 copies):
Two (2) Current Pay Stubs

Two (2) Months Bank Statements

Two (2) Years of Tax Return including W-2

A list of your monthly expenses

Self-employed individuals must provide; four (4) months of the most recent bank statements, 2013 and 2014 tax return; a YTD Profit & Loss Statement

Your most recent mortgage statement and any other related correspondence

Copy of Homeowners Insurance Policy

Hardship Letter (in your own words)

GET THE HELP/ASSISTANCE you need to save your home.

For more information e-mail Zoritha Thompson, Branch Manager at NID Housing Counseling Agency at or call (916) 897-8610.