Getting to know one half of Mary Mary – Women of Faith Conference

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Mrs. Erica Campbell - one half of Mary MaryGetting to know Mrs. Erica Campbell – one half of Mary Mary  Speaking and Worshipping at the Women of Faith Conference at Arco Arena in Sacramento Interview by Staff Writer, Lesley Leatherwood

Imagine getting together with your closest girlfriends for a weekend. Think of the laughter you will share, the tears you will shed, the fun you will have. Now multiply that by 10,000 or so. Are you starting to get the idea? Women of Faith speakers are real women who share stories from their real lives. They encourage women, they don’t condemn anyone. Even those who have never set foot in a church feel comfortable at Women of Faith conferences. You can check your mask at the door. You are welcome just as you are.

This year one of the key speakers joining the Women of Faith conference is Mrs. Erica Atkins Campbell – one half of Mary Mary.  The other half, Trecina (Tina) Campbell is at home with her newborn son Ted Jr.

Mary Mary (sisters Erica and Trecina) are based out of Inglewood, CA. Before Mary Mary, Erica (37 years old) was a hair stylist and Trecina (35 years old) studied make-up, which has helped them tremendously in their field.  They are now a two-time Grammy winning Platnum American Gospel Duo.(1972-04-29) Mary Mary broke onto the music scene with their popular song, “Shackles” which is considered one of the pioneering songs of urban contemporary gospel music. Their current release, “The Sound”, was #1 on the top gospel Albums; as well as #7 on the Billboard 2000. It has spawned two highly successful singles: “Get Up” and “God In Me”.

Sac Cultural Hub (Sac Hub) was given the honor and opportunity to speak with Erica Campbell. She is married to their record producer, Mr. Warryn Campbell and they have a daughter named Krista. Erica is 4 months pregnant with their second child, a boy.

Sac Hub: How did you get selected to speak at the Women of Faith conference?

Erica: I will be there to worship. Our manager, Holly was the originator for this.


Sac Hub: Can you tell us your definition of a Woman of Faith?

Erica: She is a woman that firmly believes and stands on God’s promise. She never looses her faith.


Sac Hub: Erica can you give us 3 words that best describe you?

Erica: Laid back, Nice, Not Fussy


Sac Hub: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you chose your singing career?

Erica: My singing background came from my parents, my father was a choir director, (an army style choir director), my mother played the piano.  All I did was sing, in school when other kids were giving speeches, “I was singing”. In high school and in college I studied music.


Sac Hub: What is your favorite song of all time?

Erica: It’s hard to pick any one song.  I love Andre Crouch. There’s a song by Olita, called, “Still My Child”. This song has a very personal place in my heart that I share with a very dear friend of mine.


Sac Hub: What is your favorite Grammy performance of all time?

Erica: Well, I haven’t seen a whole lot yet. I liked Vintage. I might get in trouble for this, but hey, speak the truth, Prince and Beyonce’ they were great.


Sac Hub: Of all your CD’s which is your favorite?

Erica: I’d have to say the first one and our last one (our current one).


Sac Hub: What do you like least about being famous?

Erica: I’d have to say sometimes it’s the scheduling and being away from your family.  But mostly it’s when you know in your heart you have good intentions in your actions and decisions and you are misunderstood. We all have are misgivings. I am not perfect. We must always remember first and foremost God is everything to all.


Sac Hub: Do you think the Internet has altered the way musicians can get known?

Erica: Most definitely! These days you don’t even have to have a record label at all.  It is a system you have to get use to.


Sac Hub: What advice would you give to young musicians looking to get into the music industry?

Erica: Make sure you comb over your life first, no what you are being called for and don’t get caught off guard and let others influence you and try and guide you down a different path.  Stay true to yourself. Remember who you are and whose you are!


Sac Hub: What makes a song a hit?

Erica: Words can’t even explain it. I’d have to say honesty, originality; you just feel it in your heart.


Sac Hub: What slogan do you live by?

Erica: I have two favorite quotes. One by CeCe Winans – “Learn to say no”! And the other by my Mother- “Have mercy on folks”!


Sac Hub: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Erica: I see myself still singing,that is my passion! I want to have 2 more children. I plan on growing the clothing line. And we as Mary Mary plan to hopefully change the mainstream on how people receive our music without compromise.


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